Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Competition - 2 codes!

The following competition is brought to you by EMILYmileyrocks, who also happens to be taking bids for her DKNY Skyscraper :)

** The new deadline is Saturday 21st of February, not the 18th as stated above. Having trouble reading the pictures? Click to enlarge.
Also, please state which part you are doing.


Lettie97 said...

I am wearing a furniture outfit :]

Angela177 said...


Anonymous said...

The out fit I'm wearing in my suite :]

wwediva224 said...

im entering and my outfit is at the back of my album on the last page.

FuegoGAU said...

Im wearing a furniture outfit! ^^
sd name: fuegoGAU

Xoxo-jenny-xoxo said...

sd name = xoxo-jenny-xoxo

styling studio outfit p 11 of album

Anonymous said...

I''m wearing the outfitt, furniture


BebeAnny said...

I have my look in my suite ;)

Anonymous said...

hey Im entering:

my medoll is wearing the outfit(:

rosie333. said...

rosie333. (there is a dot at the end)

I did a styling studio. Page 21 or 22 in my album. It'll be labelled.

Lilla said...

Im wearing it.
Username: ewonline

Anonymous said...

deima21 , my medoll is wearing furniture :D

Anonymous said...

hi im kittygirl777 im wering tha outfit but if im not wearing it on judging day its in my album last page

Angela177 said...

Username: angela177

The page 10 in my album! ;)

xstarburstx808 said...

I'm wearing my furniture outfit :]] x

xstarburstx808 x

Madeline said...

Mine is in my album. :D

Kara said...

Okay Cool.
Its in the back in my Album
my name is Swimmy404

-make-music- said...

Username: -make-music-

Outfit is in my album :]

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Laura626.
It is in my album, it is the 9th doll you'll see!
I have clearly shown it with text!
Thanks for giving me this chance.
Also, to let you know the writing is pink. Thanks very Much.


- Laura626

Nechon said...

im in! album page 7.. styling studio.. reply in my guestbook..

sd username : Nechon

Nechon said...

im in! styling studio, alum pg 7. sd user: nechon

BlackCarrot said...

Im in.
username: BlackCarrot
im wearing the outfit. it's in my presentation (my album doesnt work).

Anonymous said...

Stardoll username: SpockRocker

i will be wearing my minishop items dress =]

Anonymous said...

SD NAME: _Hot_Pants_

my doll is at the back of the album

Anonymous said...

Stardoll username: Silver-Shadow

Im in to win!!!
:D <3

slevins said...

I am wearing my furniture outfit.


Anonymous said...

my username:cheerysophie

i really want to win!!!!

hmmcfan10 said...

im hmmcfan10 and im wearing furnite outfit xD

Anonymous said...

wearing my furniture

Anonymous said...

stardoll name: NeonCrawler
i'm in!

Anonymous said...

My username is Ellie.-x
I have my outfit in my album
First Page, its marked with writing =]

xxxxx Ellie.

( Hope I win haha )

X-katiibabesx said...

Hey <3
I'm doing the styling studio one. It is in my album!


- Katie. x
- X-Katiibabes-x

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing furniture!

Username: spoiledjr555

weri_b said...

I'm wearing furniture!
Weri_b ---> My album ---> Page 1

Anonymous said...

Username: pink.bubble.123
In my album the last page :)

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

fab comp!

Rit@ said...

Amazing comp!

rosie333. said...

Good luck!

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