Sunday, February 1, 2009

Be Careful

*No header since im not on my computer*

Okay, im just warning you, This girl called Rachson (aka laloa) is a hacker.
No, she isnt one of those who tricks you into giving her your password.
She somehow can get them, im not sure how :S
She's hacked Jose-io and Pretty_megan-9.
Neither of them gave they're passwords to her, Megan came online and found all her rares gone :(
I advice you not have any contact to her, DO NOT visit her suite, Even tho she has billion of the RC items and all that free, DON'T be curious, and if you do visit her, do not add her.

IF you are one of the big loophole users(Back when it was on) you probably have most of your rare's locked.
Thank god all of my rarest items are locked(DD, Ben amun, DKNY, hot buys) :)

I know i promissed an article tomorrow(as i wrote on the chatbox) but yeah, i luckily got my dad to let me write one article, just to warn you guys

Also, get well Ayesha xx

Back home ;)


Fashion.Fantasy said...

I stole your post to post it on my blog :p

_M_A_D_1234 said...

how do you lock your rares?

AC Viper said...

there's a program that searches for passwords.. but it could take days/weeks to find a difficult password with that software.
i have never used it tho..

stardoll should suspend an account for few hours after 5 or 10 attempts to access it with wrong passwords. if they do it, it will be nearly impossible to find any password.

tips for strong passwords:
> your password must not be a valid word [valid word: a word that can be found in a dictionary]
> must not be the same as the username
> long passwords are harder to find. make sure your password is of at least 6 characters
> adding numbers to your password makes it stronger, but not if your password is of numbers only.
> in computers, there's a difference between small and capital letters.
> do not use these for your password: first name, last name, partner's name, id number, phone number, name of your favorite musician... you get the point. people who know you might try one of these for your password..
> do not use these as your password: password, passcode, letmein, hello, login..

Robinbird00 said...

what do you mean by locked? and how can i lock mine?

breathless.magazine said...

has she been reported ?

Anonymous said...

How can you get your rares locked?

DaddysAngel02 said...


She is such a ....! Why would you go through SO MUCH TROUBLE to get a couple of virtual clothes!?

If we lock our room, she won't be able to get it? Or will she? :S

I'm scared :(

Anonymous said...

what does locked your rares mean? :S

Anonymous said...

How can I locked my rare items??? :(

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck, that is SCARY!

Kelliihh said...


yeahh immahh lil stumped on the whole (hacking their accounts thing wiif out the passwords)

also how diid yhuu know it was her?

.. my opinion, those girls gave her their passwords buhh were too ashamed to admit it.

coz there hasta be no possible way to hack someone wiif out their pass words..

heres a warning for another hacker anyway.


hate that stewpid giirl. bahh. buhh i suppose i was stewpid enough to giive her my pass.. buhh amazingly enough i pleaded my case to stardoll admin (that wasnt the amaxing bit) buhh they gave mehh my beautiful rettie_angel backk.



Anonymous said...

Isn't hacking agaisnt law? Oh I forgot it's computer hacking O_____O

PRiiNCeSSx.X.x said...

i know, she´s a hacker.

arna-rut said...

Guys, you cannot lock your rares.
The items you got from the loophole(The ones that used the loophole ALOT got more items locked... glitch)

So, you cant lock them.

Anonymous said...

Keliihh, I detest the way how you type.

Grow up.

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

wow more hackers?

Rit@ said...

Thank you so much. Go away hackers!

rosie333. said...

Thanks for the hint!

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