Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chatbox Issues

We are having so many problems with the Chatbox. Really, I don't see why anyone feels the need to pretend to be somebody else.

Anyway, I've just spent ages sorting through it, and I've blocked a lot of posers.

Also, I've noticed increased amounts of people cursing in our Chatbox. I'd like for you to remember that there are very young people who read this blog.

I'm warning you now, that anyone who curses or pretends to be someone else in the Chatbox will be blocked from it.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

True ,,... im on the chatbox sometimes and im 9 !

Laura626 said...

Very True.
I am sick and tired of the annoying topics.
Thanks for taking action.

PlainCity2 said...

Well at least people use your chat box. On my blog they just ignoore it =[

But I can see your point fiona! =]]

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

aww i cant believe people curse! too scared to show who they are? ugh!

Rit@ said...

I hate those people!

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