Monday, March 30, 2009

The Star Awards Official Nominees

Im sorry for not posting much... Personal resons which im pretty sure you can all guess, not to mention ive been amazingly clumsy, fell on my back last night and put my hand under my back somehow and hurt my hand and my back, and my hand is all wrapped up in white stuff, then i walked on a table and my foot is killing me, fun..

anyhow, here is the list; Bold ones are the people im going to vote, if there are two im still not sure which one, xD

Best Newcomer: Wylie1995, TheFemaleDog, Audrey_Coco, and 123Christopher

Best Female Medoll: Hunnigall, WriteMaryCat, Tyrall, and Puccapo

Best Male Medoll: 123Christopher, Danpuffs, -cooldude(GOOD LUCK), and Dodence_bt

Best Dressed: Glamour1, Fakeshake3, Babii-Mariex, and IamYourFat

Best Suite: Bella_La_Swan, MSdavies2005, FionaMcgonigle, and Woman-in-White

Social Butterfly: Modelisous, YouLoveLorie, IluvMumble333, and Bluegreen86

Best Personality: BeverlyHillsHei, Undamyumbrellla, Bluegreen86, and Welsh_Witch - They are all amazing :o

Best Friendship: Mik-Ma & Hunnigall, Model-Selena & Style_Magazine, WriteMaryCat & Angeliiicaa__, and Arna-Rut & Dodence_bt(what the HECK?!)

Best Magazine: Dodence_bt for Glamour Magazine, Model-Selena for Teen Style Magazine, TheFemaleDog for Dog Magazine, and Star_Awards for Eccentric Magazine

Best Blog:,, and

Best Business: Bluegreen86 for MelsModels, SingingMermaid for SingingMermaid designs, WriteMaryCat, Babii-Mariex, and Heidi-di for TrendLounge, and Paulina for AskPaulinaGirls

Special Achivement Award: Style_Magazine, Springate, Iamyourfat, and Isabella.Arci

Biggest Role Model: Model-Selena, Bluegreen86, Steelone, and Gemma_w

what are your opinions about the nominees?

- unfortunetly have to admit it was horrible writing all this cause of my hand -.-


TylerTheAnon said...

Where do we vote? (Sorry if that's a stupid question!!)

arna-rut said...

Go to Jeremyn2005's club Star_awards, im not sure you can vote yet though!

arna-rut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kaina6 said...

super blog is only today but for him across from today I will be your czytelniczkÄ… Yours

youlovelorie said...

Thanks Arna :)

-Cooldude said...

Nice to know you pick Dan over me :[
Only joking! I couldn't care less ^^,

and YAY! Our blog is nominated!


arna-rut said...

Lol sean, Sorry, i just dont like your lips :[

dodence_bt said...

Oh, I don't really follow any Stardoll news or anything... what happened to your hand?
And the fact that we are voted for best friendship is just hilarious! xD

arna-rut said...

I know right mario, O.o and uhm, i was walking out of the movies and slipped over some icy spot, and i landed on my back, but my manage to put my hand under myback just before lending...

Then i hurt my foot the day afterwards, managed to walk on a table..

And the day after that someone opened a door and my head really hurts..

And today i fell badly down the stairs..

arna-rut said...

*Opened a door on my head..

and i think its landing, im not sure, the icelandic word is Lenda so i've kinda mixed them up..

arna-rut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i like the suites bella_la_swan and msdavies2005

Victoria said...

i like all of them

Lillyandmile/sarra said... like all of them

Rit@ said...

It's a hard choice!

rosie333. said...

Ha! Arna, you would be a great Mrs Bump! lol

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