Friday, March 27, 2009

Guest article #8

This article was written by laura626


Wow, after all the stirring up of animal-lovers being a private club, it's back to normal. 
I think the owner SHOULD change it back to private, because now as soon as get into it I see racism, pervs and lots of rude topics. 
People are making new accounts again and disturbing others with their rudeness. Also, I saw the other day that **Franciskita** Is Superstar, not that it matters but I didn’t think she got on stardoll much anymore. 
I absolutely think she should change the scenery on the front page. It's SO boring now… I remember it in 2007. 
Animal-Lovers need some control I think, little kids under 9 go on there. They read those disturbing stories, that turn them into disgusting people. I mean seriously, I hate going on there now because everyone isn’t interested in the normal stuff. 

But anyway, this was my first Guest Article. I really hope you liked it :D


- Laura626


Marina said...

You are right kinda - Stardoll
should delete club cuz owner is
not active for looong time.

But other way : Who cares about
that stupid club - just leave it
and thats it :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I suppose Marina.
But its not right for the little kids.
But I like going there 'cause I catch up with friends.
But now I hate it 'cause theres all erghh stuff.

- Laura626

Anonymous said...

I agree Laura626
The owner should put it bak to private!
thats what i think anyway

_nad_ ( for starsallout ) said...

the thing that I find funny about it is that it's called " animal club" yet everyone there is just trying to make a scene.

(owner of

rosie333. said...

I couldn't care less really. It was a club that intended to produce some positive input but thanks to the owner's carelessness it became what it is now!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

yeah i agree im glad it was deleted

Lillyandmile/sarra said...


Rit@ said...

I liked that club, but the owner left stardoll. :[

Sammybeatiful/Bea said...

i dont really check out that club..but anywayz its now deleted so fashion club is on top but i just read a bad topic....some one put bad words!!!!i hate those!and stardoll is really lazy for not anymore banning bad words!!!!If it keeps on im gonna make a letter to stardoll!!!!And if they dont reply, i might like make something else against stardoll but i still really really really love it!!!!!!!

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