Friday, March 27, 2009


Herlow :]]]

Do you have any special theory that you would like to share with the world?!

Do it in the comments! XD

My theory is that boredom will destroy the world :P

P.S; There are 3 free items in Starplaza (for the Earth Hour), you better check before they're gone D;!


Mrs_Gomes said...

I'm big on conspiracy theories. The masons are real, New world order is real and the illuminati is real. The recession was planned as was 9/11 amongst many others, depression isn't an illness as it doesn't exist and HIV/AIDS is a man-made disease. Anyone that disagrees and wants to debate or whatever let me know, I got my shit backed up ;]

Marina said...

Its not my theory but I really
belive in reincarnation. I think
someday they will prove that
after dead our soul travels to
another body so we are borned
again as new people or any other
animals or even plants :)

poiljg said...

That Cupcakes will forever end world hunger. And that Confidence can make a new person out of you.

Rit@ said...

My theory is that Maths will kill lots of students if they study too much! :)
I'm just kidding... ^^

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

im always

rosie333. said...

My theory is that there is one universal beat. Within that one universal beats many derive. It's hard to explain but that is my theory! Dumb though it is!

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