Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Sephora?

All Stardolls like to look their best, don't they? So, What's this all about..
New Make-up? Or is Sephora closing down? Does anyone know..?


arna-rut said...

New makeup apperantly, was going over stardoll's database, theres some new mascara there. :P looks cool, but i dont understand why switch out? I mean.. that only makes them have more work, unless they do something better now, Like sparkly lipglosses or glimmer eyeshadows
*Crosses fingers*

Fiona said...

Maybe Sephora stopped paying to be on Stardoll? Anyways, I think it'll be good to have new makeup. I've already got all the Sephora! I hope they have lipgloss :D

Lauren said...

I hope they have lip gloss too!! AND WAY MORE OF A VARIETY OF EYESHADOW!!! BRIGHT COLORS

Anonymous said...

i wish it can be for EVERYONE NOT JUST SS

N1mka4eva said...

Ooh! I'm hoping for some RED eyeshadow! Also, to be extra weird White liquid eyeliner! :O

sahar said...

I only bought the things I'll need like I never use lipstick so why buy it?!
I hope there'll be a new collection, it'll also be cool if we could draw on our medoll's face

Marina said...
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Marina said...

I hope we get new colours of
eyeshadows and ofcourse some
lipgloss :) And I really really
cross my fingers that stardoll
would make atleast some makeup
for nonSS too - or atleast just
for 1 week :)

-Cooldude said...

Haha, Charli :]

Yeah! They should really have like, red, yellow, and illumines colours!

and I think A LOT of people want lipgloss >.<

Anonymous said...

When it will gone...?How long will it be in shop?

Anonymous said...

stardoll staff told me it was changing to some place called MAC. Does anyone know anything bout MAC?? I ve never heard of it

Anonymous said...

hey! bluewhale-x here x

i love mac makeup!
mac is a VERY FAMOUS
but expensive make-up brand! its very good,
i use the mac rub on blusher. you can get mac cosmetics in all good make up stores like boots and superdrug.

its good and i hope it does change to mac!

Anonymous said...

i hope they have something with all different brands (urban decay, M.A.C, barry m etc)
i would love to see:
Barry M dazzle dusts
M.A.C pigments
Urban decay primer potion
Barbie lovs stila
that would make my day!

_nad_ ( for starsallout ) said...

I think they should make a sale or something! Through some of the clubs I'm in, I've noticed people are contacting stardoll to try to get the makeup available to everyone for the last few days, I think it's a good idea.

But who knows, maybe MAC, or COVERGIRL is next?

( owner of

Emmy Legend said...

new make-up called "dot" .
i think it's a new stardoll brand
not like m.a.c or smt ...

Its-Lainy said...

I hope its for non-ss' too
I remember ages ago, when all the real brands were non-ss, & as was the makeup
I guess all we can do is hope

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

NOOOOOOO i looovvveee sephora!!!!!!

rosie333. said...

I think Fiona might be right! I hate the new Dot, it stinks!

Rit@ said...

WHY? I loved Sephora it was much better than Dot!

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