Friday, March 27, 2009

Stardoll's Real Covergirl

A new Project(Or should i call it a contest?) From Marsal15.
Its a monthly beauty and style competition.
Join the club by clicking here.

The judges are;
Jenna (emorox4eva)
Grainne (...SingStar...)
Katie (appleblossom00)
Esra (cool_ial)

they will pick 3 top girls, and put up a poll, and the winner receives old rare clothes like MKA RC, DKNY and even lottery dresses or SMS codes and superstar gifts, Amazing prizes huh?

To enter, join the club and go to the topic "Competition Entries". There must enter at least 40 people so the competition goes on.

the first competition has already started, and the winner gets one superstar code worth 67$ and 3 gifts of her choice!

For the official blog of this competition click here.


diamonds_guns said...

Check out my blog, It's not LIKE OMG WOW or anything, but it at least deserves a glance

Lillyandmile/sarra said...


rosie333. said...

I follow that blog! It's a great one to follow!

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