Thursday, March 12, 2009


As i'm currently lying here in my bed with the flu, i thought i could aswell take time to post.

I've noticed the past few days, Maybe about 1 week, that on best friends list and in guestbook's medoll's appear blurry.

The Question is, Is it just me(As i've been dealing with eye problems the last few years, and its been going worse it could be) or is it for everyone?

Also, Many people got my presentation wrong, i'm NOT leaving stardoll, As i would really miss those people i usually speak to. I did try to kill myself, But i'd prefer if you would stop asking me about these stuff, lets just say its personal, okay?

Happy birthday mario ;)


be-rus-ka said...

I have everything ok in my account. So maybe u have something with your computer... I dont think its your eyes. It wouldnt be blury only few things but everything .... Hope u ll get better soon

surfsandandsun said...

I love Arna (:

mayeeshasam said...

I hope you will get better soon. We all wish that. So that you can make something new and creative for us blog readers. I want to get you advice for a thing please mail me I don't know your email address so I'm giving you mine it's:

Please help me Arna. As much as you can please. It's really important.


P.S. Please help me I really need your help you are my only hope. :(

arna-rut said...

mayeeshasam ill add you.

and i love Hayley (;

Anonymous said...

you crack me up
'ya i tried to kill my self cool isnt it?????!!1010?+!1 im so tr00 em0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

you myst be nice but that's the most stopid thing i haew heard
ya go cut yerself with bananas ò.ó

FadedxLove16-- said...

Hey anonymous shut up! I know youre probably trying not to be mean but please turn down the harsh level. You dont really understand what people go through when they cut themselves. You think "They cut themselves! Oh dear that's terible but annoying. Why would they do that? Just for attention or depression? It's stupid... there are others ways." That what a lot think. But only people who cut themselves feel eachothers pain and no what they are going through. One of my best friends in real life doesnt take things well sometimes and she resolves it by sumthings cutting herself. At 1st it really fustrated me because i didnt get why sum1 would wanna hurt their life like that. Get help... talk to a parents of a close friend you trust. But i realize that it's easier for a person like me who isnt the 1 who is cutting herself. Sometimes i still thinnk that but i try to be more open to how much trouble my friend is going through. I helped her out and she's doing much much better. I haven't seen a stratch on her for a while. What i did was comforted her, and tried to help her stay popsitive and ask why she would do this. Once i thought things were getting to dangerous for her i told her parents. Well rather i threatened i would if she didnt cuz i didnt think it was safe for her. She told her rents and her parents helped her out. So after this long message what i'm trying to say is say "that's shit or that's stupid" isnt gonna help. Tyr to be a little more supportive and incourage her to get help, and of course help her get better.

Best of Wish Arna-Rut


arna-rut said...

I didnt cut myself for attention, i was about to cut myself but my mum walked in, so a little later when Mario and alex were gone i cut myself.. This is just cause i hate my life and i take it out on my own body

Anonymous said...

people that try to kill themselves NEVER talk about it.
Psychology 101 hun.

It's not right to say stuff like that, you make people sad for your own fun.
But you really need help if you're coming up with these stuff, honestly.

arna-rut said...

I prefer telling the truth about myself then lie about it, So if i had said 'i didnt try to kill myself' i had been lying.

AND another explination for the way i like, say stuff differently, is that i have Asperger Syndrome

Anonymous said...

You seriously have problems to say these things.
You upset people over nothing.

It's very disturbing.

It's also annoying.

If you did tried to kill yourself and your mum saw you, you'd be in a clinic now.It is a very serious thing. It's not something to joke about or anything.

Please stop saying that, honestly it's offensive

arna-rut said...

My mum didnt see me, when i was gonna cut for the first time, she walked in and i managed to hide the scissors! :/

Maria Beatriz said...

i agree with anonyomous. i mean, i'm depressed and i'm on drugs, but i don't talk to anyone about it. and yeah, you should be on a clinic if you did try to kill yourself. sorry if my english is horrible, i'm from brazil. and if you have asperger, wouldn't you be taking pills too? its a version of autism, isnt it?

lovinitlovinit said...

Arna, hon. Don't cut. Deal?

arna-rut said...

im actually feeling like it right now cam.. :(

angie and Mia just got they're "plan" worked out, Mario hates me and alex and wants to be they're friends and you couldnt imagen how mean the words mario said to me were..

fireglow said...

Hope You Get Well Soon!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

come back soon, and
hapy birthday :)

Rit@ said...

I hope you get well soon! :]

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

yh me too the medoll are really blurry and fuzzy and ur medoll when u save it it goes blanck then when it reappears all the dolls are clear for a while then blurry again?

rosie333. said...

That happened to me once!

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