Sunday, April 12, 2009

1 Million to go!

Woo! The countdown is ON! Only 1 Million more members to go, 'til Stardoll reaches 30,000,000 members. Hopefully, The lucky 30 Millionth member, won't be as stupid as Floomoomin, and forget their password -.-

What exclusive presents will Stardoll present us with this time? More Lottery Dresses...?


funky_ana said...

Cool,I go make fev accounts xD

sahar said...

Did Stardoll say anything about it in the magazine?
I dont think so we should get so excited I'm not sure they'll give us any thing for that :///

sahar said...

I mean shouldn't XD

Pop Champagne said...

ooh congrats! :)

Sarah_Sugerplum said...

yea LOL i just noticed that today just before you posted this :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with funky_ana people keep on talking about this but i don't see stardoll make anysigns or anything at all about this !

Anonymous said...

I cant wait
i hope they will give everyone something fabulous for free

Fiona said...

I don't see why they wouldn't give us something for 30 million members - They did for 10 and 20 million, and they seem to love showing off how many members they have!

Besides, last time, they didn't start talking about it a million members before it happened.

Lila - xxhappiixx said...

Some new hairstyles, that don't make people look like an Elite wannabe, or someone with a mop on their head, only SOME people could pull that look off.


lollypop234 said...

i hope they give ur free stuff but not lottery dresses because only a few people get them and then they end up selling to superstars. its no fun for non superstars when every member has a lottery dress. i will make new acconts when it is near 30 million though. =D

lollypop234 said...

i ment every *superstar. =P (silly me)

Stardoll-Fashion-News said...

I hope we get something ...=/

Can you please tell me where do you get the soiplers?
(i've asked you it at a few days and nobodys aswered me ...)


Anonymous said...

30 stardollars :D

Anonymous said...

They should give us the following:
30 stardollars
30 million members tee shirt
Lottery dresses =]

Anonymous said...

Do not be stupid people
think better things, such as new colors for the skin, eyes new colors, new hair colors, new colors for lips.

Things like that.

-Cooldude said...

Uhm, Above.. What other skin colour could we possibly get? Green? I agree with the eyes, different colors would be awesome :D

But there are hair dyes and lipsticks, so I doubt they will change that.

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

wow so close! and how long did we wait?

Rit@ said...

Lucky 30 Millionth member. :]

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