Friday, April 24, 2009

Guest article #11

Hey , My name is Bronagh but on Stardoll it is Bronagh97.I am here to talk about how Stardoll has became a bad place, But i dont care i still love it (L)


Everyone has an obsession about Stardoll.
About LE , Antidote and DKNY. These items are very rare. And to most people they just gotta have them!
Most people get hacked and start fights just because of rares. I know many people who has been hacked of Scuba,Skyscraper and more. But just remember to all the hackers, This is virtual the clothes are pixels! if you want them so badly buy them in real life.
Remember NEVER give out your password to anyone!

Wow , there is many clubs on Stardoll but lets talk about Animal-Lovers.
It has over 530,000 members! The biggest club on Stardoll. But there is so many pervs and people asking for passwords.

This is a good thing about how it has changed becuase of these 4 awesome people and there blog.
It is great to have a stunning medoll. With the latest hair styles and DOT or Sephora make-up. And all the latest trends. 
So here's a question if you had to pick out of..
fionamcgonigle , arna-rut , Sahar-star and -Cooldude , Who would you pick ?
Honestly i would pick Fiona. I love her style! Its very unique.

The most annoying thing about Stardoll! I hate glitches, And i geuss you do to.
Big head glitches. The one were you go to people's suites and it is showing there hair or there bra , it has been out for a very long time.

Another glitch is with LE. It is not very limited when it is like this , is it ?

It has happened twice now.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Stardoll.
Thankyou :)


mariaisabelfan said...

great article!IU love reading it

Scribonia326 said...

Why is the number of animal-lovers' members bleeped out?

PlainCity2 said...

That was great Bronagh! =] Why dont you do articles that are as long and as good as that one on my blog? =]]]

Anonymous said...

This article is quite boring. :O It's just done like a list:
Hackers: Check
Clubs: Check
And so on! Come on. Make it more spicy!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

I TOTALY AGREE prices are getting rediculouse aswell but i am totaly addicted!
And have you noticed the glitches used to be good ones like thered be a hole load of stuff in the shop for free! But stardoll has fixed these 'problems' but not the ones that affect us in a bad way :( x

rosie333. said...

I agree with Plaincity2 but I do think you have made good points!

Saldiklis said...

LE. like always. BEST shop.

sp_gc_ said...

LE one of the best shops but it's expensive

Rit@ said...

Scammers, scammers, scammers. Why there are so many scammers in stardoll? (well, I know why, but I am sick of these people). I love LE and old dkny too, but I never scammed anyone!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

yea why bother to steal money? unless you are extremely poor theres no point! its just pixels for heavens sake! lol

rosie333. said...

I hate that LE glitch! It makes me mad!

Sammybeatiful/Bea said...

me too!!my friend is leaving cuz of hackers and i hate those glitches to,once i try it on,the next day,no more(even if its very long,before i thought it was up for very very long time,but no)

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