Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slow Internet

Hey! Sorry I haven't posted the competition results yet, but I haven't been able to judge them! My internet's been going really slow, and it won't even let me post my picture with this :( Anyways, I'll post the resukts when I'm able to judge!


lipgloss_babe91 said...

OK lol im still wearing my outfit x) x

Anonymous said...

no worries fiona:)
take your time:D



Anonymous said...

You spelled results wrong hahahahaa.

Bella<3 said...

It was a typo.
Dont be a jerk,

Its Totally okay Fiona.Im still wearing my outfit.

disco_2 said...

im wearing my outfit =)
i hope u like it.

p.s. no prob, even my internet was as slow as a snail a few days ago =P

sahar said...

Sadly, I know how it feels =[

Victoria said...

my internet very slowly too ((((((

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