Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm sorry..

Okay, tomorrow at like 8 am i'm going to my dad's in the Captial.. Which means I most likely wont post.. Maybe one or 2 a week..

And when i'm back i'm not sure i'll be able to post much.. I made a lovely banner in my laptop, but i managed to ruin the laptop, I really shouldnt be trusted around powertools as i nearly got my place on fire yesterday cause of the damn toaster..

Anyways, Anything new on stardoll? I've not seen anything new.. at all, Well okay a few things that Sean, Sahar and Fiona have already posted about lol..

Oh, i forgot to mention I wont post at all next monday-sunday(Not starting the monday tomorrow..) I'm going to this doctor's cause they think i've reached a new stage in my Asperger, As in public phobia, and i unfortunetly have to admit i think that's happening.. ;[

- Just thought i'd let you know..


Fiona said...

Good luck in the doctors, I hope it goes okay :)

Have fun at your Dads!

Talia said...

Same as fiona, have fun and good luck over coming it a bit!

Bella<3 said...

Good Luck.

Random I know, But is Anyone else disapointed in the lady gaga doll?

Fiery11 said...

Awh. :[ I'm sorry Arna. Just remember that evryone on Stardoll supports yhoo. ^_^

And like Fiona said, have fun at you're dad's!


P.S. I'm VERY disappointed with the Lady GG doll. The hair's the only good thing about it. ¬_¬

dodence_bt said...

I like some clothes on the GaGa doll.. it's not that bad... :P
And good luck Arna!

Anonymous said...

good luck and get well soon hunnie x



Anonymous said...

Oh... Seeking attention.....again?

arna-rut said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh... Seeking attention.....again?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Seeking for attention again?
Im the type of a person who doesnt like attention one bit, I prefer being invisible or unnoticed, so no.. im not looking for any sort of attention

arna-rut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lillyandmile/sarra said...

good luck!

rosie333. said...

Good luck!

No worries!

Rit@ said...

Good luck! :]

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