Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weird facts?!


I was on Animal-Lovers and someone made this topic about weird facts, so I remembered mine and I found out that I'm even weirder than I thought I am! haha

I think it'll be cool & funny if every one said some weird facts about theirself!

Here are some of mine :P (maybe not so weird in a second thought lol)

1)I have long fingers

2)I like fruit and vegetables

3)I can put my small toe (not sure how its called in English :/) on the one next to it

4)I dont eat meat but I'm not vegetarien (I eat fish)

5) I cant sleep with my socks (alot of people can't actually)

Cant wait to see yours!


arna-rut said...

1)I think marilyn manson/Bryan is hot
2) i dont want to eat meat at all, but i still do once in a while.
3)I cant sleep in pants(To warm) So i cut them so they're as short as boxers
4) Im not good in english, but im better at english then icelandic(Shocker?)
5) I used to be a geek.. Then i somehow forgot everything and am failing
6) I find it hard to talk to others, but when i get upset in real life its very hard to make me stop talking
7) I used to think i could fly.. and tried often
8)I love biting my nails, so i often use fake ones
9) Im always walking on walls and doors and other stuff..
10) I lived at a tiny village(Which i prefer to call a farm.. Animals EVERYWHERE) and yet when i go to farms i feel like throwing up
11) Uhm, ive nearly killed myself a few times in my life(as in NOT meaning to)
12) I was born 12 days to late
13) im an accident child

Uhm, i dont know.. All facts bout me that i aint said so far so.. No idea if they're random or whatever you like to call it

Anonymous said...

1) If I have broccoli included in a meal, I always eat it last :)
2) I bite my nails :)
3) I'm a flexitarian :)
4) I can't touch my toes :)
5) I've never tried an Indian takeaway :)

Ailish ( meanieboy ) said...

1. I bring chewing gum everywhere with me!
2. I bite my nails.
3.I hate chicken.
4. I can't touch my toes.

FuegoGAU said...

Niice post! ;D
well, heres a few:
[1] I wawe when i say goodbye over the telephone...
[2] i have never seen any classic disny cartoons like cinderalla etc.
[3] I have a fobia for horses.
[4] i cant do a Dr. Evil laugh (with the little finger up to mouth) right! xD

dodence_bt said...

1. I bite my nails and I fucking can't stop! xD
2. I get up at 6 in the mornings (from Monday to Friday)and instead to use the time for sleeping I listen to music until 8!
3. I love Tommy Hilfiger perfumes!
4. I eat lamb... I just love it (many people don't)
5. I sleep with my door opened.. (god knows why)
6. That's enough! :D

Lucia said...

Your facts are almost like mine, except I don't like fish, I ONLY eat chicken.
And I can put my smallest foot finger under the one next to it, not on top.

Cheergrl181 said...

1. I sleep with my night light on because my room gets pitch-black dark!
2. I've never eaten sushi
3. When there is nothing on TV, I watch those baby shows lol. They are not bad. (I'm a weirdo)
4. I drink hot chocolate in the summer.
5. I actually like broccoli :)
6. I love ketchup but I hate tomatoes (Ugh..I'm so complicated)
7. I crack my fingers by pulling them. (When I crack them the way most people do, it hurts!)
Believe me,I'm really weird!

deima21 said...

omg those are fun facts x)
here are sum ow mine

1.I bite my nails
2.I feel sick when I see or smell chicken but I like it
3.I don`t believe in god but I sum times pray
4.I start talking realy loudly when I`m scared(alone)

oook thats enough XD

GenaPhobia said...

1. I'm double jointed. :O
2. I can put my tongue on my nose.
3. I don't drink coffee often (although I live in Seattle, Coffee Capital of the Universe.... :P)

Anonymous said...

i can stay in a split for 10 mins
i hate corn
i can make a farting nosie above my sholder lol
i bite my finger nails
i hate sisors bad exprice (aka a boy cut the tip of my finger off) it grew back lol

Laura626 said...

1. I fart a lot.
2. I'm meant to wear glasses but I never do.
3. I eat all meat with no regrets.
4. I ball into tears if I see an animal getting hurt.
5. I can talk to my dog [I think].
6. I bite my nails to the point where you can't even see them.
7. I love the smell of petrol.
8. I love the smell of wet dog.
9. I love the smell of MOST cleaning stuff, (Ajax, Ammonia, ...)
10. I hate ALL DIsney channel characters yet I watch all the shows that their in.

Rosalie (rozi_xox) said...

1.I'm a vegetarian.
2.I drink way too much coffee.
3.I love reading the books more than watching the film.
4.I have really small wrists and really big hands.
5.I alphabatise/colour code everything.
6.I have purple hair(i love it :D)

gee_way_is_mine said...

1. I can dislocate my thumb :D
2. I love the smell of gasoline.
3. I'm 11 inches taller than my best friend. (He's 4'6")
4. I'm reverse-claustrophobic - I'm scared of open spaces.
5. I won't drink Coke unless it's been frozen.
6. I'm left handed.
7. I am very accident prone.
8. I LOVE wasabi.

Anonymous said...

The weirdest thing about me is:

You know how your fingers have three rings on them? Yes, well my thumbs are really short and they only just reach the first ring on my pointer fingers. It's so odd. Plus they're oddly shaped - like hourglassess. :S

iStylista said...

♥All of mine are the same as yours, Sahar!!! Except #5, and part of #4, I actaully CAN sleep w/ socks and am veggie.

PLUS: I can crack my toes the way people crack thier knuckles!!! ♥

Stef! ★ said...

1. I've never eaten sushi.
2. I can put my foot behind my neck.
3. I don't like the dark.
4. I don't like THAT MUCH meat and chicken, although I'm not vegetarian.
5. I don't like ANY soda.
6. I Hate fish.
7. I feel sick when I smell fish.
8. If I see blood, I can faint.
9. I Hate coffee.

Joanna said...

1. I bite my nails ALOT
2. I absolutely love orange juice - I drink it every day no matter the time
3. I have to have ice in all of my drinks except milk or they don't feel cold enough to me
4. I have really long fingers and thin wrists
5. Someone actually pointed this out to me today - my toes have a lot of space in between them - they're really long and thin

lovinitlovinit said...

1. Y'know how most people's elbows stop at a 180 degree angle? Mine go farther, to like a 190 angle. So they can bend backwards a bit.
2. Mountain Dew, 7-Up, and Ginger Ale make me gag unless I am sick. If I am sick, I love it.
3. I love the smell of nail polish remover, white out, gasoline, wet paint, and sharpies
4. All my fave foods are foreign
5. I can't sleep with my doors closed
6. I still watch kiddy Disney movies and children's shows
7. I sleep with a dinosaur pillow
8. I used to be obsessed with horses
9. I can cuss you out in sign-language
10. I eat like a pig, but I am underweight.

Sara (saraxeatsxsocks or SaraM123) said...

1. I almost never sign out of msn.
2. I am very violent
3. I am in love with Alex Evans.
4. is my favorite website.
5. I secretly love facial peircings.

x] I have a lot more.

gumby_rox101 said...

1. I Have No Interest In Learning Another Language.
2. I've Lost My Flexibility. :[
3. Math Is Natural To Me, But I Cant Explain How I Get The Answers.
4. I Love Colorado So Frickin Much.
5. I Like Turbulence When I'm On The Plane. It's Exciting.
6. I've Never Been To A Concert.
7. I Hate Danny Gokey [From American Idol.]
8. I Hate Salad.
9. My Jaw Pops Every Single Morning. It Sucks.
10. Bad Habits- Constantly Bite My Nails And Crack My Fingers.
11. I Might've Had A Twin, But It Was Miscarriaged.
12. I Was Born With Black Hair. It Changed To Super Blonde. And Now It's Dark Blonde :[[
13. I Hate Athens, Greece.
14. Cooking Sucks.
15. Gumby Rocks! Oh Yeah!

Anonymous said...

1. i can put my legs over my shoulders, but i can't tough my toes.

Weird ayy?

Daisygirlz said...


Okay here we go:

1. I bite my finger nails
2. I have long fingers
3. I'm very skinny, but not anorexic
4. I have a phobia of mushrooms (even though I love to eat 'em!)
5. I eat a lot (and I mean ALOT), but I never seem to gain weight!
6. I hate raisins (but I luurrvee grapes)
7. I can't crack my body (fingers, neck, back etc), but I still do it (weird much?)
8. I paint my nails, but end up biting them later...

Okay, better stop now...I have so many :)


sahar said...

I also,
don't drink coke (NEVER)
I'm very skinny but I eat alot ://
I'm 171 cm :O

Rachweee123 said...

I bite my fingernails.
I don't eat meat either but I'm no veggie, I eat chicken.
I have super straight black hair.
I crack my knuckles.
Alex Evans is hot in my opinion.

Debi said...

Very nice post :D

Here we go...

[1] I absolutely adore ketchup, but I hate tomatoes...
[2] I eat only potatoes, not rise.
[3] I hate cheese, but when it's on pizza, I love it!
[4] I hate milk, but I love cacoa
[5] I love fish!
[6] Sometimes, I'm very moody ;[ And then I behave to my friends very badly
[7] Sorry for my english, I'm not very clever person ;DDDD lol
[8] I love Alex Ovechkin xDD

Anonymous said...

1)I dip chips in coke to make then less hot
2)I feel my heart beat in my upper leg all the time
3)I like rainy days on school days
4)I mush up my dinner to make it look like I ate some
PS:My stardoll nickname is PurpLe_1998

Fayasi said...

1)I love trying new food.I've eaten kidney,liver,snails,frog legs,snakes and deer.
2)I bite my nails..And I like these green stuff under them.
3)I hate meat.I only eat chicken.
4)I looove spinach <3
5)All of the facebook tests think that I'm an emo while I am not.

babii--giirl said...

-I'm a vegetarian
-I always get a cold in summer but not in winter
-when I look at the sun for too long it makes me sneeze
I know all the words to each and every song on my ipod, and people say I have a crazy ability to learn song words reeally freakihl fast
- I love the look of piercings... but Im scared of needles and a really bg coward , so dont have any atall :( and my parents dont let me.
- I have bad eyesight but I never wear my glasses
- my granny was in vivienne westwoods class at school.
-I love my chemical romance more than anything <333333333
- I can get REALLY angry sometimes, and yo do not want to be near me when this happens.
- I don't cry when really sad things happen... I just kinda sit there for ages. but when really trivial things happen I cry alot.
- I also cry when Im happy. its stupid.
- I never broken a bone in my body
-I dont like milk

babii--giirl said...

thought Id add some more cause im bored :)
- my favourite weather is when its raining and dark
- I dont like sleeping alone in te dark though... i scares me
- I bite my nails SOOOOO much, they look disgustig
- myfete are gross. the skin is all peeling, and it really hurts
- gerard way is my idol

annalaura said...

1. I don't watch TV.
2. I learnt to read when I was 4 years old, and the first word I've read was name of a village on a road sign.
3. I can sleep only when my room's door is closed and no light is on in the whole house (or at least downstairs, where my room is).
4. I like mushroom and fish.
5. I can move my ears :)

Laura said...

1. My left thumb is longer than my right thumb
2. I drink soup in the morning, and diet. I actually drink diet coke all day long ^^
3. I have to puke when I drink milk or eat cheese, but I like yoghurt and icecream.
4. I'm scared when I'm home alone at night.
5. I saw Twilight eight times. (But I guess some people won't think that's weird ^^)
x Laura (missperfect94)

AngelRuxxy said...

1. I love the smell of wet paint, gasoline & hair dye x]

2. I can taste my own toungue (i can roll it up without sticking it between my teeth)

3. Errm, my second toe from the left on my right hand is longer than the first toe, & same on the other foot.

4. I cry sometimes for no reason, espicilly to sad stupid movies, like Ice Age when Manny touches the wall with his trunk and remembers about this family.

5. I love animals more than people O_o

xKiTTYKiWi said...

1)i cant ride a bike
2) i nearly throw up at the thought of peanut butter
3) i cant sleep without classical music on tv
4) i NEVER cry in public but i cry ALL of the time when im at home
5) when i was younger i glued myself to the sofa because i didnt wanna go to school
6) i watch icarly EVERYDAY
7) i eat loads of junk food everyday after school but never gain any weight
8) i only just got to 5ft
9) i cant drink fizzy drinks or i get sick for like a week
10) im really attracted to boys whos voices are broken because i just think they sound so hot

(yeahh im a weirdo)

Anonymous said...

1) I work hard to be thin
2) I bite my toenails

Anonymous said...

I cant sleep with socks either!
It's just not right!


Mateya95 said...

@xKiTTYKiWi- Is that your stardoll name cause I have to add you^-^

1. Im really scared of deep water, I get freaked out even If I see a picture of a ship in the middle of nowhere in some ocean...

2. Milk makes me sick... Even If I just think about it...

3. I hate tomato juice...

4. Biology is the only school subject that I can actually study and not fall asleep...

5. I have straight A`s but never really study (um, Im really good at cheating xD)...

6. I tend to have crushes on people who dont exist... ><

7. The only thing that I drink is water...o.o

Bethany || everydaycolor said...

lol. i can do the same thing

Rit@ said...

1) I have long fingers too!
2) I'm allergic to a lot of things like strawberries and juice.
3) I can't sleep more than six hours, I am not sure why, but I don't get tired easily! :]

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

wow those arent wierd exept for the veg part, i love fruit lol

3,4 and 5 are mine too!

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