Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First club?!


I didnt post for a long time D;

Any way I was realy wondering.... What was the first club you joined? :]

Wehn I first joined stardoll I spend most of my time on girlsonly club (I dont remember the exact name of it but it was on biggest clubs list) after if got deleted I joined -Animal-lovers and there I spent most of my time :]

Ps.I already got the LE charm & chain (if you bought from the last LE collection you'll get them too)Thats means that the LE newest collection will be here any minute ;D

Oh and I'm getting a new banner soon >.<


Bronagh97 said...

Woo-hoo, Im dead excited for the new LE. But it would be awesome if atleast some were for non SS.

Wooldoor said...

*raises hand* Le is under renovation! I was first to see look for urself!

disco_2 said...

u should check the LE shop now cause its closed for renovation! =P

Lilla said...

To Wooldoor; No you werent! Ruxxy told me :D and that was like 2 hours ago!

The first club I joined was 123HarryPotter

I didnt really get the club search so I clicked the numbers button, and searchedtil I found a HP club. I still a massive HP fan since <3

sahar said...

I saw that it was closed an hour ago XD
but couldnt post it coz I was busy :///
But it doesnt matter it means that it'll be here realy soon ;D

Anonymous said...


Laura626 said...

I'm not excited about LE.
I mean its like good and all but I never have any money.
Plus, every time I finally discover it, all it's nice stuff is gone.
But it would be nice to have one peice of LE.
But at the moment I have $1 and it wn't be increasing. =[

- Lauraa.

x-pig-luvver-x said...

Ooh; Looks like the LE
is gonna be on it's way
any minute now! (:

I think the first ever
club I joined was Animal
Lovers. I usedd to spend
all of my Stardoll time
on there usually playing
'Rate the person ^ you'


Anyone remember those
days ... ? lol ~



iStylista said...

My first one was Fashionistas and then it was StarpointsHelp or something. :)

Rachweee123 said...

First club I joined was Animal-Lovers but I spent most of my time in the Starpoint Tips club until it got deleted & I went to Animal-Lovers, lol.

lipgloss_babe91 said...

well i left stardoll for AGES coz i was doing my GCSEs and didnt really wanna have to pick between stardoll and revision lol
So when i came bk the clubs where up and running and loads of people had them so i joined a club about the TV show heroes coz i was obsesed with it at the time, tho twilight has now taken its place xD

mariaisabelfan said...

Well I remember that I first joined the club Greece whre I live.

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i spent most of my time at club superstar!

rosie333. said...

I really can't remember the first club I joined! I joined to many!

Rit@ said...

Animal-Lovers too. It was the most popular club... :[

teganlc said...

DisneyChannel then some numbers(Cant remember them LOL)

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