Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whats wrong with some people!!!?

I know these two AMAZING guys called Jaketheemo(Jake) and BeforeIdie(connor) who happen to be Gay/bi, And they are e-dating, they are very happy together and so cute together, but yeah i went through Connor's guestbook and came through a very nasty girl!!
Yep i did go to gaypride few years in a row and i LOVED it, watching icelanders accept people how they are, Seeing how much fun they are having, Its something you'll never forget! :) and that person is so rude, yes i do have gay/bi friends on stardoll, NOT NAMING NAMES, but they are all AMAZING. So guys, just accept people for who they are!!!

Like some gay celebs;
Elton John(Seen him in real life lmfao), Lindsay lohan,Samantha R(DJ Samantha),Clay Aiken.. so many more! :) So guys, Not everyone is the same!!


arabella.aho.002 said...

lindsay lohan is bi?

-Cooldude said...

Lindsay Lohan was giving it a shot at Being a Lesbian...I thinkKylie Minogue is too.

arna-rut said...

lmfao, LL is a lez, Shes admitted it, She told in the radio ;) and kylie is just thinking about it lmfao

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