Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to make orange and pink work

I've decided to help you out with some style tips, as I get complimented on my outfits a lot!

The first thing I'll do is show you how to make orange and pink work together. It's a myth that pink and orange clash. If you use the right shades and the right clothes, these two colours can look great together. Here is an example of an orange and pink outfit that really stands out.

And it only costs $22 to make!

To create this look:

Put on these tights from Pretty in Pink ($3)

Next, put on these shoes from DKNY ($5)

Then, add this pink dress from DKNY ($8)

And lastly, finish it off with this puffball skirt from Stardoll ($6)


Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...


rosie333. said...

Great Combo! You have a great style!

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