Saturday, September 6, 2008

Again with Olsenkate

As everyone now knows about Olsenkate, Your probably sick of hearing from her.
I now have been banned from her club, along with Fiona and Arna. Lol.
Probably because I'm nearly always the first to post something,
Saying shes a b*tch, or ugly or shes a scammer.

So she deletes my posts, Cos she knows I'm right.


Stupid girl, doesn't she know I can EASILY make another account, then join?

Also check out her presentation..

Again, Stupid girl/boy/whatever..

She obviously copied Fiona,

Do I need to say?

I`l try and resist not to write about her anymore, ye must be tired of this?!



arna-rut said...

GO SEAAAN :) yeh i wasnt shocked to get banned, i mean iwas accully tellin the truth and HE/SHE got scared. aww little kiddie =[ but hey, you cant scam,copy and be rude and expect nothing back?!?

Anonymous said...

Crazy bitch O__O I HATE HER. >.< Aaargh. And she's so ugly! For God's sake, she has tons of stardollars and she can't even buy a simple eyeliner or so? and the hair she wears sucks, btw. :D

radiotigre x.

Anonymous said...

lol! That girl/boy/40 year old man in basement! really has no life!
x Rosie333. (keep the dot)

Katee (annakin) said...

PROOF that she is in fact a scammer from her own mouth. Go to the website above. It's the burn book and it's the comments for fakeshake3. Near the bottom it says

F.A.M.E: F*** You Olsenkate, you scammed me and took my Ashley bag!
Olsenkate: LOL, soooooooo???????

So from the horse's mouth she is a scammer lol!!!

rosie333. said...

Yeah, I am tired of this! lol

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