Sunday, September 21, 2008

Martina vs. Megan

As most people on Stardoll know Martina(Matulka), the sweet, nice 15 year old girl..
But is she really all that sweet?

Yesterday, my friend Megan(Pretty_megan-9) told me that she had a Poser, Pritty-megan-6
If you visit her page, and take a look at her Guestbook, you will see this:

Note her bad spelling? pritty = pretty.
I cant seem to stop thinking that Matulka made this page, to annoy Megan.

Probably because shes Jealous?

When Megan won Covergirl recently, Matulka came second. This is Megan's 3rd time being Covergirl, and Matulka has been 4 times, But allot of members say she has cheated most of the time. Same with scenery and album winnings.

Matulka then went to Megan's Guestbook yesterday, to rattle up a little fight.

After Megan saying Matulka was Jealous of her, She stopped pestering her, She knew Megan was right :)


arna-rut said...


Megan is fckin nice, And i wanna kill that matulka girl.


arna-rut said...

by da way, Nice header freako <33

Fia_fantasy said...

Ahh, great research. I just love knowing good gossips like this! That matulka girl is really annoying. She should be grateful , not jealous ! :O

Anonymous said...

i tryed to go to Pritty-megan-6's page but i dont think she exists anymore!

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