Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I do not know why but you can not seem to enlarge my photos anymore? I do not know what is going on but I will work on it!



AC Viper said...

upload your pictures on
[or any other website, but i think imageshack is the best]

after you upload the picture, copy the "hotlink for websites" [or the direct link if you have some knowledge in html], go back to the new post you're making [or the post you're editing] and go to edit html and paste the link there, remove the "a href" tags, then go back to the compose mode and resize the image to fit the page [width must be under 400]. by dragging the picture to the address bar people will be able to see it in its original size.

or if you want to put a link to the picture, so once someone clicks on it its going to open in a new window, go to edit html and put this:
{a href="the pic's address"
target="_blank"}{img src="the pic address"/}{/a}

replace the {} tags with < & >
the picture's address is the direct link from imageshack [e.g ]

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