Friday, September 19, 2008


Stardollsensations is a blog about stardoll. 
The writers are some of my dearest friends, the blog is really good and i dare everyone to look at it. :) StardollSensations
They write about alot.

Also new doll, Its alexis. :) I really like the doll. :) And sorry for little blogging lately, Some stuff been going on ;(

And the Super Lazy Sean has been told if he doesnt study hes only allowed in the comp on fridays, So im betting he wont do much? =(
Unfortunetly fiona hasnt been online alot and cecily is like gone?

Well i hope they come back :)


Monroe... said...

Thank you :) Yur blog is great too :D

-Cooldude said...

Hey Arna, Thanks for mentioning that Im lazy! Lol!

arna-rut said...

Yeah no problem, but i think everyone knows allready

:) Lu x

Mimi_Mami said...

Hi :)

Thanks for this amazing post!

This blog rocks :)

Dora said...

Thanks so much Arna! ((:

Yee Sean you laaazy :)

Anonymous said...


arna-rut said...

yes i did get my stuff from haute.glamour BUT haute.glamour is NOT designah, i should know, Me and designah were so close it aint normal, i talked to her when he admitted she was really scamming and got her to stop!!

rosie333. said...

I love that blog!

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