Friday, September 5, 2008

The winners!!

still remember my quiz? or is it old news, Well i have found the winners! dont remember the comp? Well, i made a picture with a doll and a user, and you had to guess who they were, WELL the doll was DKNY, And the user was Fashion.Intern.

The winners are;

She wins; Superstar gifts(interior,gifts or whatever) She gets to CHOOSE them! :) only worth 25 tho x

Runner up;

She wins penguin worth 25, sorry for stupid prize x

I do know Sarah/babii--giirl is a close friend of mine, but i didnt choose like "okay this one wins" i put all names on a piece of paper each, and put all in my Mary-Kate real life look-a-like clutch(Accully is made by the brand Sparkz And is REALLY awsome)but yes, i closed my eyes and took two pieces up, The first one was runner-up - babii--giirl and second was winner - Sherryshay10. So yep. This was no populary contest, only had to know the answear and have some luck with you :)


sherryshay10 said...

Thanx Arna-rut for letting me have gifts just because i got lucky! Its a really nice thing to do. x from sherryshay10

arna-rut said...

:) At least i aint like other people that make others try doing something for fun then give nothing :/

rosie333. said...

Great outfits!

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