Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I won covergirl!

Yep i won covergirl, NOT on my account, But on my friends *lejla*, shes currently away and i am taking care of her account, THE RESON i know her password is that me and her do know in real and do trust each others, I mean if the other one would hack, you can just go to her and beat her up, Easy haha! but yep, Yesterday i logged on here on Tawaii/something stardoll, AND shes wanted to be covergirl for AGEEES so i thought "ahh why not make her win, before trying yourself" so yes i did try, And guess, I DID IT ;D AHAAA OH YEAAHHH :) Ill post a print screen, If you still dont believe it was me, ill put in a pic of me on her account xD she does know i know her password, but hey, she knows mine xD

GO LYDIA, GO LYDIA WOOOWWWOOOOO I feel so glad i helped her. Shes gonna be so glad. I accully promissed to help like year ago, but there never was anything out of it :/

Still dont believe it was me? then check abit down

Me on her account, Proove i accully helped haha ;P And look, SAME NAME, SAME MEDOLL YAYYY GO LYDIAA

WHAT THE, I appear on the catwalk, 3 times on the last logged in and once last logged in on *lejla* WHAT THE HECK?!?


`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

woop woop!! :)
Well done! That`s
great. WOW :O
U have a LOT of stardollars
arna :D
Love You :) x

arna-rut said...

LOL, i got 702 atm ;D

Bee said...

Wooosh,congrats there, How did ye do it? :P
I've wanted to be one in ageeees.

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