Friday, September 19, 2008

10 Must haves of the month

First of all, im gonna be doing this EVERY month :)

1) Pink and Black Ashley dress; Voile
2) Black and silver hat; Voile
3) Black Coco Chanel Dress; Voile
4) Alexis flower dress; Stardoll Girls
5) alexis rose bag; stardoll girls
6/7) Flower print and bird print; Stardoll Girls
8) alexis blue clutch; Stardoll Girls
9) Blue Trench Coat; Stardoll Girls
10) Grecian dress; Voile

I dont have all those items, but i love them all! :)

And also tell me what you think of this idea x


scribonia326 said...

love the idea. i gave it to fiona like a month ago and i luv how it turned out.

Dora said...

Preeeeetty :D

I love the hat & the trench.

VampLady said...


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