Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interview; Missmej

This is the first interview im taking, you can be expecting more. :] I took interview with Missmej who won the IT bag contest!!

1) how did you find out about stardoll and when?
I first heard about Stardoll for 2 years agot from a friend which had been doing this for a while. So, I joined. I'm so happy I joined cause I have had so much fun here at Stardoll.

2) What did you do when you noticed you won the "IT" bag contest?
I started screaming. I can't belive it, but I really did. It came as a shock for me. Luckly I was home alone so nobody heard the scream.

3) what do you think of real brands in the plaza?
I love it, I can't afford alot of Gucci and Chanel in real life, but here at Stardoll I can. I really enjoy it cause you feel so elegant and luxurious.

4) Are you into fashion?
I love fashion! Fashion describes who I am and I can express myself so well. In real life I'm always trendy and I try to be it here on Stardoll to.

5) What do you think is the best thing about stardoll?
You can be yourself through a doll. You can also make alot of friends and express yourself through fashion as I do everyday.

6) Anything you wanna say?
I just want to say thank you all for all the nice comments I have gotten and I hope you like the purse, I do atleast.


Mimi_Mami said...

Great interview :)

musicqween99 said...

oh, congrats to her! but when and where di u find this out! i cant see it anywhere

Dora said...

Cool! I love the bag! (:

Anonymous said...

That's New!
its really cool!!

sweet_3094 said...

Wow! you are really lucky!

Menna said...

WOW Great interview great job Arna !!

arna-rut said...

musicqween, i asked her through mail xx

nada said...


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