Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stop Asking!!

Okay, Ive had WAY to much people asking me where i got all my hotbuys, DKNY,MKA,RARES and Lottery dress.


I got my HB during the Loophole going, I bought them from a friend
I got my DKNY from my friend who recently left and gave me her account + Luck in the bazaar
I got my MKA from a friend who left + Luck in the bazaar
I got my RARES from friends, The girl who left, Trading and Luck in the bazaar
I got my lottery by trading

Okay, now you can stop asking, Ive gotten tired, i also got it all for two cause i bought from FRIENDS.

So those of you who keep asking; stop. And those who keep begging to buy it, STOPP!

I will be posting more today, so keep your eyes open :D - Nothing gonna be out of that, forgot my fave shows are on tonight, Will post something tomorrow, thats a promise x

Btw i got a new header, tell me what you think? =]


Lettie97 said...

Nice header and your doll looks pretty.
Can't wait for the next posts from you! Please let them be soon, lol.
Thanks for telling us all - hope I get luck one day soon!

emilymileyrocks a..k.a Talia said...

header sweet

ppl dirt bags

Anonymous said...

Kewl! Btw rosie333. here! Also how do you get to the vivienne tam page in the magazine? I cannot I repeat cannot get to it!! arrggghh!

VampLady said...

hey, I totally know how people can be boring. really really boring. and it is great you got all those stuff from friends, I got some mine too XD

Anonymous said...

omg, there was a loophole?

Anonymous said...

u look beautiful arna! :D
amberfun344 :)

Menna said...

The New header is awesome !!And i love your new hairstyle !!

bethbeth15 said...

i love the new header,how do you get it?

musicqween99 said...

i love the header! it was the first thing i noticed. iwas like. hmm, theres something different. it looks cute. then i scrolled down adn saw you had a different header a few days ago. Its great:):)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never knew so much ppl would ask 4 ur rares n stuff..
And, ur lucky u get luck by bazar=[

But o well.. xD

Dora said...

I bet it's hella annoying :D

Also I love your new banner!

arna-rut said...

Thanks :P i made the header myself lol, and yeah it is very annoying, ive only said about 100 times i am NOT selling my lotteries and people still ask.. And i get added by 400 people a day or around, and total of 100 of them ask for my stuff or where i got it, THATS 1/4 or 25%!!!! that aint normal!!

Anonymous said...

yes i know it :( i have luckily found scuba and now EVERYBODY wants it..

rosie333. said...

Nice header! And I won't ask!

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