Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good luck Guðmunda!

Like an half an hour ago i received a message from Guðmunda's(Gudmunda92) sister.
Some of you might know this, but Guðmunda is pregnant and her due date was the 17th.. next month.
According to her sister there was some problem so this was for the best.
I seriously hope everything will be okay for Guðmunda and her baby


Guðmunda has had the baby now, Its a healthy baby girl :)


Lettie97 said...

All the best Gudmunda <333

Anonymous said...

Good luck from me as well to her :)


Anonymous said...

She is only 16 years old :O
How can she pregant?

Anonymous said...

OMG! :)
A girl :)
The best wishes from me for her lil baby :D

-MarsaL15 :P

Sophia said...

Hope she's alright :D
Sophia xxx

arna-rut said...

here on iceland we have nothing agenst starting to have sex at age 15 or 16, and sometimes these accidents happen.

+ When my mum was around 20 years old it was normal for people to have a kid at age 16 and i think it was like that till uhm, 1992 or something

hate-and-love said...

Best wishes =)

Anonymous said...

Oh I understand...
I hope she and her baby's life will good :)
Last question?
What's the babies name?

Applemartini said...

I was just wondering,
do you support my last post? -

Anonymous said...

Another publicity stunt.
I hope that "baby" goes onto life support.

Anonymous said...

to anon nr. 2:


nasreen11 on stardoll said...

Wish her congrats!
But.. i just wonder ONE thing:
How old is Goudmunda?
On stradoll it says 16??

arna-rut said...

guys, she was really pregnant :/


DC-LindsayLohan81 said...

She's 16?
Thats a total lunatic, what was she thinking? I mean eww, and i actually DO wish her the best but since she's in a hospital she can stop by the rehabilitation center it's really helpfull believe me, seen it, don't wanna be it.

PS. Arna Rut, try not to be a coward and post this for once kaii, ya got probz with that? Great, 88!And my blogger sure doesn't work my pass is always inncorect, so i will sing up like DC. Thanks.

Episode said...

Lol, like a woman is busy with Stardoll when she is about to go into labour XD

Musicismylife said...

I think she is very nice girl :)
I wish they'll have wonderfull life :))

Girls and boys yes she is a teenager mum...What's the problem with it? I think she is a very nice girl..
She is too young for it?
No I think no..In your culture maybe but her culture not...
That's my opinon I know my english isn't perfect but i hope everybody understand.

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

aww how sweet best of luck and may they live a happy life!

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