Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm not leaving stardoll, and not this blog.
The reson why the title says "Bye!" is the fact im going to my dad's in two day's, And i wont be able to blog till monday.
I will log into stardoll and msn.

Also, i know there is a "lack" of posts as you might want to say.
But the fact is; there is hardly any gossip!

Many of you might know Teale is back, But guys, Those who hate her, get to know her, teale is amazing!

AND for the uk members and people who have found working UK Proxies;
I've heard of dogs in the plaza and styling studio, just incase you haven't checked.

If you know more places(Expecially the puddle wich apperantly many people have in trouble with finding) You can tell them in a comment :)

Can't wait till i'm back, BUT i have exam's coming up. So i can't be very active :(

When i checked the chatbox i saw one of our awesome readers found all the dogs.

Romeo is in Starplaza
Cooper is in Stardoll Shop
Juliet is in Doree
Lenny is in the Vintage Starbazar
Friday is in the scenery making
Frick is in your medoll editor

Thanks alot Katee/Annakin


Anonymous said...

wat is the stardoll shop - minishop? my SD username is sarah4523 pls GB me & tell me!!

John said...


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

BYE!! Have fun at your dad's :)

sweet_viksi said...

i can't find the dogs!!!

um... have fun :)

rirounettte1 said...

Why haven't i found any of the dogs! Am i the only one? There's none in the starplaza!

Juicy Magazine Website said...

what do you mean found all the dogs?

candychocoblock said...

I see no dogs?

Anonymous said...

Bye x thanks It's a shop you know how you get stores like DKNY Folk Fallen Angel etc its the Stardoll Store not the minishop x

Daceeyy said...

I've found all the dogs :]

arna-rut said...

the reson you might not find dogs;
if you're NOT from United Kingdom

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

o i couldnt find romeo

rosie333. said...

I couldn't find Juliet!

Rit@ said...

I couldn't find Romeo and Frick.

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