Friday, January 23, 2009

Explaining comments in PSG

okay, i just want to explain the little "fight" between me and ruxy(Boowow_1998).

Me and her used to be very good friends, and then i got a message from Ailish(Meanieboy) telling me she's very mean, i was like "What? ruxy?" and i checked her guestbook.
There she had been banning people from her club if she didnt like they're medoll's, and if people tried getting in but didnt have a good medoll(I often loved the medoll's that people had and we're declined from there).
I ofcourse tell her how pathetic it is, and few minutes later she blocked me, then i notice another icelander write in her guestbook. Ruxy quickly lable's her as my friend, wich i'm very offended with since she's making it sound like iceland is so small and all icelanders are friends.
Well FYI iceland is bigger then england.
Right, then i hear from my friend Holly(Babie_pink_star) that ruxy didn't let her into her club, cause she didnt like her fashion sence(BTW, holly's fashion is WAYYYYYYY better then ruxy's)

Right, yesterday she got to guestwrite for PSG again, And AGAIN with an article that many people have written about.
Then she admits that she wrote about the hotbuys cause Kasia wrote about those when she got to be an official contributer for PSG.
But the difference, is that Kasia wrote a very good article, while ruxy writes very negative comments, and like the belt and bag are seriously TO DIE FOR.

Okay, many people hate on her, and what does she do? she makes a blog saying she's like, upset or hurt by these comments?
Last time i checked i'm pretty hated myself, do i complain about it? no i dont, i laugh at it, and keep on living my life.

As you might have noticed, i wasnt the only one thinking her article was bad, two of my closest friends, Mario(Dodence_bt) and sean also didn't like it.

And what i'd also like to point out, people dont really like being called "bitches" by an 11 year old.
She's just trying to style Anthony(Springate) by saying "puh-lease" and saying "bitches" alot, but what she doesnt get, is that she´s not going to be Anthony Nr. 2.

also in the post where she's complaining you can see her say the sentanence "A slap across the face" wich i remember was already posted(Along with a review of the hotbuys) on the blog "Cool Cats.." and, if you look at the tag's, you'll probably notice, she keeps tagging herself, Is it so people see she has been "featured" or something? Or maybe if she gets to be a writer is she going to tag herself all the time and try to beat like, ashley's record of being tagged 21 times?

Seriously ruxy, STOP looking for attention so bad. You're getting the negative one, and trust me, its an attention people dont want..

Btw, me and ruxy are friends again(yay ;D) ;)

Also you might have noticed Designah is back.
Its not her, Designah/Courtney was my best friend and she gave me her password(goes for all accounts) and i remembered she got deleted, so i tried the tip sean gave out in his latest post and it worked.

So id really like it if you dont blame me for courtney's mistakes..
And i'd like to say; Courtney feels very bad for what she did

also if you think i was designah, ask Mario, Alex or someone, they two know it wasnt me, ;)


Anonymous said...

Again with the writer's problems. I love you Arna, but NO ONE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR VIRTUAL FRIEND'S PROBLEMS! It seems that all you talk about is drama about you! It's really annoying..

haylin295 said...

Look Arna I really don't want to be mean but I or we don't really care about the fight, I come to this blog see gossip and not your stories, so please stop making topic about yourself or your stuff. I am telling you this because maybe a lot of people think so I don't to offence you.

Sophia said...


-Cooldude said...

Shes such a bitch..

Everyone is in LOVE with the belt!

and I confronted her, and complained to her.. and she took it as a compliment or something!?

arna-rut said...

o.o Me (L)'s the belt ;D

*dancingbubble* said...

stop being such an attention whore yourself, arna. why don't you start writing gossip instead of complaining about people? this blog has gone so downhill.

LollyPOP!™ aka The Little Rockstar =] said...

Amen to that, Arna! ;]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arna. please stop posting about your little personal fights with people. they are not interesting for us to read and some of us dont even know who you are talking about.

We all know you are a good person and wouldn't pick fights with people but you don't need to prove it!!! Please stop.

concerned gosipstardol reader.

sosoniaso said...

i hate ruxy....she is really mean and she did awful things to me....if you only knew....anyway this is my opinion only but before you hate me you have to hear what she have done to me...

VampLady said...

leave her alone, u loosers! only because u don't like her opinions, u get freaked out. calm down and get a fckin life

Fag_Puff said...

She's supposed to tag herself because it's a guest blog and that shitty blog claiming to have posted the hotbuys review first is a fucking joke, hotbuys reviews have been written on Perez for months and months, their claim that they were first is laughable and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Who's designah? Is she a bit*h? People keep blaming other people that they are designah, but who is she?

OmgSammy said...

Um, Arna, last time I checked she was pretty nice. She's really down to earth and obviously you don't know her.

arna-rut said...

I know, Ruxy is amazing, i was just explaining cause i cant bother with like, million more haters

Clara said...

Well, personally I think fights like this IS gossip. Just try to take a look at "US weekly" or "OK" (American gossip magazines), they also write about fights and stuff. I think it's interesting to hear about cat-fights, but maybe it's just me XD

AngelRuxxy said...

Elli, i have said sorry 1,000times. Yes, i am sorry, and i don't do that anymore now. But its becoming your fault now. It was a long time ago. GET OVER IT! And i thought we made up? I offerd to give you back your phonecode and your bag and everything, but you didn't want too. So how the heck can i stop you from whining on every single blog on what i did. Its past, hunny. GONE. FINITO. So stop trying to play the victim, okay? So i'll say SORRY again. But seriosly, your getting annoying now. Me and Arna have had a big fight for some time now and we made up and forgave eachover for what we did. And you can't forgive one tinsey little thing? Then your the villan of this piece.

rosie333. said...

Ha! It's so funny reading over people's dumb arguments! Ruuxy is all about attention, even now she "left" stardoll and walked out of HBB because it was too "uncool" and not very controversial!

Rit@ said...

I agree with rosie333.

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

why is everyone being mean to arna? whats wrong with letting people know what kind of people are in the world! lol (that sounded wrong)

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