Friday, January 23, 2009

February Hotbuys!

And the February hotbuys list is here!

Hotbuys belt

Hotbuys boots

Hotbuys necklace

Hotbuys cardigan

Hotbuys top

Hotbuys trousers

Hotbuys skirt

Hotbuys bag

Hotbuys cardigan

Hotbuys collar

I mostly like the belot, what about YOU? :)


not-perfect111 said...

Hey,I found a very interesting glitch in Stardoll.I made a new account and then made it superstar.Then I logged out and logged in for a few times.I realised that everytime I log out and log in I receive the "one stardollar per day".I kept logging out and logging in and I made 15 stardollars from this. O.O I don't know how happened this thing,but maybe it will not work only for me... If you don't believe me here is an image:

The transaction times aren't correct,but you can see the date is the same.

lazylyn said...

That t-shirt scares me

Seriously Stardoll said...

I like the necklace and the belt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sahar!! Thnx 4 posting about the HB's my fave is da purse, belt & skirt!!

jellydudejess said...

how do u get pics like that on the post??

Rit@ said...

I love the skirt and the belt! It's gorgeous! :]

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