Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She's back

Well, Most of those who read "Stardoll's most hated website" know that the burnbook bitch is back. And she sent Dan a list of people who are coming, Myself, am on the list.
I actually look forward seeing what she writes about me.
Since i haven't lied about myself, I don't ignore mail unless it asks for me to give the person something, join a club and so on.
But what shocked me the most is some people on the list.
Well, Personally im VERY glad two person's are on there.
Angeliiicaaa__; Im very shocked she's on the list. She's always been friendly and helpful
Hunnigall; Even tho we did fight like that, I can't deny that she is infact a very nice person.
TheFemaleDog2; She deserves it ;)
Welsh_Witch; Why is she on there? Seriously, shes VERY friendly
xxdrivebylove; im actually still in shock she is in there, She's friendly to EVERYONE
Youlovelorie; She's helpful, nice and friendly to EVERYONE. So im still not getting what BBB is going to write about her
Dodence_Bt; I guess she'll write "Hangs out with bitches like arna-slut and vnvi" Ah well, That is true. But so what? We're best friends.. Also for me and mario this is just something to laugh at :P

What do you think about her comeback?


Catlover103 said...

Why do these people just have to spend there time saying bad things about other people? Don't they have a life? Or if they don't, which is most likely, can't they GET ONE?

Monroe... said...

I wasn't on the list. Blah. I want to be in the BB xD

Hunnigall said...

Thanks, Arna. It's nice of you to say that, I appreciate it. I don't beleive you, Mario, Lindsay, Rhiann or Lorie should be in there either, you're all very nice people and BBB probably hasn't even tried to talk to you.

- Hunni x x x

youlovelorie said...

I don't understand why I'm on it either, haha.

FadedxLove16-- said...

cant wait to read what she writes ;)

.... lol.

Also this will be intresting on what she says bout u arna...

Well guess thats why shes called the burnbook BITCH


Fiery11 said...

I'd loved to be trashed by her! Haters make yhoo famous, right?



VampLady said...

it is going to be interesting I guess
but I still can't believe why is welsh_witch there? she is just great

lovinitlovinit said...

Shoot me if you wish, but I'm kind of sort of looking forward to reading these. Gives me a laugh!

Anonymous said...

I have never even seen the website. O_o well its stupid anyway. <333 luv u!

AngelRuxxy said...

Congrats, Arna :P

arna-rut said...

im actually loolking forward to reading ALL of those entries. I mean hey, Those are all lies... ONLY Mario and Alex know my deepest darkest secrets, and they wouldnt give them to her ;P

jellydudejess said...

i really dont understand it.....
what is it all about???

Jennifer said...

I Wanna Be In the BB :O
None Of Them Execpt Dog and LilMrsBitch should be in there.

xoxo J

rosie333. said...

dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

lol :P

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