Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dodence_bt; Same as I died!

Hello my dear pathetic Stardollians. You all know that this is a bad virtual world and we have to leave... sooner or later.... :)
I decided to go, not because of the crazy bitches that hate me, but because I'm fed up with this virtual world. I will like to say couple of words for my best friends:
-Lou: She is a really good girl, although she was avoiding me lately. I wish you all the best Lou! :)
-Mary: You are a fucking pathetic bitch and you really don't deserve to live, so I will just say the word; die! I hate you very much and I'm glad you fired me from Eternity ONLY because I was supporting Fay and I hope you won't suceed anything in your life and just be a fucking slut for the rest of your life!
-Angie: My dear stupid Angie who suceeded in the intention to destroy my life. You are a pathetic bitch like Mary, although you're smarter. I hope you're happy now whore!
-Claire: You have a good personality although you're just a stupid wannababe. You wanted to make clothes like me do you were hanging with famosu people just to be one. I don't want you to feel bad about this, I really love you as my friend, and I am going to miss you.
-Arna: You are my true best friend here my sweet, little Arna...... we share every secret and I am not deleting you from my life.... we are always going to talk and be best friends forever! You are the best person I met on stardoll and I'm glad we became best friends. I really hope we will see eachother someday... :)

Thank you everyone for being so nice to me. I'm sorry I didn't have more time to know you all! And I am going to miss you all! Fay, don't let that whore Mary humiliate you! I believe in you and I know you're going to win!

Adios, my friends.... don't you ever forget me! :D

*UPDATE* Mario and Alex are friends again, WOOO


geemoney02 said...

I'm sorry...Should I find this interesting?? I think this is the stupidest thing I have ever read. If this girl is so sick of a 'virtual world'...why does she take it so seriously?? She needs to watch her mouth and stop wishing death on people, one day...she WILL regret it. You should never wish someone to die, over the stupid internet for sure! This girl is immature and she NEEDS to seperate herself from a fake world, she sounds like she needs some reality. Thanks for posting this...it makes me feel like my life is really, really, really, GREAT! I'm glad I dont dwell on the crap that people tell me on the internet! This makes me feel like a real winner. It also makes me glad that I dont hang out with people that dwell on stupid, idiotic, pointless CRAP..like this!

karlek25 said...

I totally love this post.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Woah that's harsh. It seems like people are dropping like flies. It is such a shame that these cyber bullies can make people miserable enough to leave. But I still think everyone is taking stardoll way too seriously. xoxo Jenna

Fayasi said...

MARIO..Please,don't go!
:( Maybe it was too late.I hope you come back one day...I miss you and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my :S

Those people are so nice. Maybe the problem is yours.

Anonymous said...

You really need to stop being such a drama creator :S

Seriously, dont you have some other things to do?!

M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

WTF Mario, i'm stunned.. I thought you were a good boy.. What will happen to your friends? What will happen to PR? If you wanna go, go.. but don't stay here and cry about it.. just leave if thats what you want. You really showed me the fake side of you.. and now I know who to trust.. NOT YOU, I don't want to end up with those people you call friends that you backstabbed up there.


Anonymous said...

Um eww

Lexie. said...

Wow :( Dodence_bt you will be missedf :P

PS~ Arna i love your new banner,the top is a funky/unique idea :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ummm did she just call US ALL pathetic stardoll people? Maybe it's a misunderstanding but thats what i got out of that sentence

Fashion.Fantasy said...

well done.
althought you forget me.
or dont I mean anything to you?

Haylin295 said...

Wow well finally you're going ! You didn't like the drama but sorry you're the one who is making it by posting this!

Hana Wolfick

^The^Blog^Critique said...


You are a SAD person.

Such a SAD person at such a young age. You creep us all out.

This is not the right way to gain publicity dear. You are close to being non existent and picking fights over virtual blogs is just downright PATHETIC. Just like you.

I never thought you will go this low. POOR THING.

Why don't you just continue recoloring virtual clothes and living in your fantasy of being a "designer" and quit bitching around, because you know what, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU FAG.


yasas10 said...

Whoa, he was rude. Especially to Claire and Alex.
And to think I thought he rocked. Phuh. I won't start making up my mind that quick now.


Claire said...

Mario, I hope you read this.
I can't say I am impressed of your behaviour.
I thought you were a better friend than this. You've made me really sad.
You use everyone, and no you can't say that's not true..But in the end you always betray them.
It's your choice of course, but I had hoped you left with some...
Oh, forget it. I will miss you.
+I am not a wannabee and I am sad you took me as one.
I never tried to "copy" you.
I just wanted to learn how to make clothes...God, you really thought that about me?!?!
It's pathetic!
And, I never stick up to famous people, as I said I H A T E famous/Elites.
And you were happy a girl saw you as a elite.

You got your bad sides to Mario.
Don't remember that.



dodence_bt said...

People, I'm not trying to get publicity! I left everyone! HELLO!
No more blogs, no more stardoll! Why would I like to make publicity? I'm just showing what these people have done to me! And most of all I am disappointed in Alex for betraying me with the stupidest girl I have ever seen!
And btw I am not trying to make more drama or be good. And before I leave permanently, you will see more evil and revenge from me!

Sarah said...

I too don't like some people you trashed in this post, but I still think you came out even worse by writing this.
Swearing and telling someone you don't like on a dolly website to die, is well, beyond pathetic.

arna-rut said...

dont be rude to mario! And guys stop posing as me and sean in the chat :/

Haylin295 said...

Well sorry arna I don't want to offence you but he's being rude to us we are too!

Hana Wolfick

-Cooldude said...

Uhm, First comment.
A boy wrote that, Not a girl. Arna just posted it, thats all.

And what he said about Alex, WTF? Creep.

Stardoll Gossip Girls said...

No, he shouldn't go!
Although I didn't know him I heard so good and nice words about him!
We'll miss him! :( :(

Claire said...

Sean: Alex said Mario was gay to Mario.
Gay can also mean "Happy"...

Angelica Isaksson said...

What did I tell you? Go look up whore in a dictionary before you call people that. And what the fuck more did I tell you? - Alex was tricked to say it by me. And there's one more thing I don't get, how can you call me stupid and smarter than someone at the same time, Mario?

Your little hate letters make no sense.

Mary said...

So much bad people and such a poor little Mario, how you live in this fierce world? Oh, and you decide who much lie and who must die...Gosh, poor-poor mario, you have such a power to do this but you haven't got any power to keep yourself calmed down... Oh, how sad.

Also, drama queen, don't forget that I haven't fired you. Thought, I know that Imagination of sick people is very blooming...

arna-rut said...

no sean, The reson he did that is sarcasm, the rumour "Alex called mario gay" is true

Sarah said...

Is it me or have you just not approved my comment?
If it is so then you're REALLY pathetic.

dea1712 said...

hei.. im sorry that youre leaving..
and arna,please,answer,whats this font written ''gossip stardoll'' i love it!please answer moi <3

AngelRuxxy said...

Wow. Awesome!

arna-rut said...

^The^Blog^Critique, i actually do care about him, Hes my best friend, I dont want to lose him, People are just so quick at judging, you dont get to know him. I really love him, he's like the best person i've ever met

Fiona said...

Sarah, I did approve your comment...?

gudmunda92 said...

Wow, 2009 sure starts with a bang. Gossip, gossip, fights and gossip!

Fayasi said...

Gawd.What did mario do to you?
Mary,you're being very rude and you know that such a bitchy behavior won't help you in your life.
Mario,I like you...Don't go :(

Dora said...

Fuck, Claire, you did suck up, and it's obvious. -.-
About the people up there in the post, well, Lou's awesome, Mary rocks, Angie's okay I guess, though she hates me.

Alex - I'm sick of you. You used to rock until a few days ago. Don't try to be something it's obvious you'll NEVER be. Sorry.
Arna...I love you and you're great but I know you don't really wanna talk to me much or reply to my mail or anything... But I know you're great though at this moment you probably despise me. :/

This was it from me...I'm sick of lies.

arna-rut said...

dora, i thought the same. i thought you like hated me cause we stopped speaking all of a sudden :[

Anonymous said...

you are all try hards

lovinitlovinit said...

Wow. Those were some harsh words. My sympathy to all of the "friends" whom got bashed.

Oh the Nuisance said...

I don't understand how people can say stuff like "you really don't deserve to live" and "hope you won't suceed anything in your life" those are cruel and harsh words to say to a person you don't even know. Seriously.
That's even something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

I'm not taking sides here cause I barely even know you people but I believe there is such thing as karma.

Claire said...

Dora,I do not try to be friends with people who is famous, Most of them are bitches, as many of your friends.

Ok Mario, Now it's obvious, You have lied to me during our whole...friend time.
You lied about what you think of my designs, you hated them and told your friends that.
You lied about that you "liked" me, you lied and betrayed me by talking shit about me behind my back.
You didn't want to be a bitch right?
well, YOU ARE ONE!



Dora said...

Bitch I don't hate you! XD :* I thought you hated me because we rarely talk and you'd always answer shortly... :)

Anonymous said...

why did this have to be dragged into the blog? i know there must be alot of upset feelings, but shouldn't it be kept personal? or not?

Talia said...

Mario u let that bitch have what she wanted u to quit. think of it his way she fired u and probs hoped u would quit sd cause her mag WILL BE NOTHING with out u

Talia said...

Mario u let that bitch have what she wanted u to quit. think of it his way she fired u and probs hoped u would quit sd cause her mag WILL BE NOTHING with out u

EmmaSharlotte said...

To be honest-so what that he's leaving? If he wants that,then fine by me. You could just write all that directly to those persons, instead of doing it in this way. I don't know how old are you, but, at least I, had this period of hating people and taking all that to publicy when I was 13-14. Then I grow up and realised that it is simply stupid.
I didn't made huge scandal when my friend was leaving, I wasn't posting about it, because it is personal.
P.S. saying to other people "die", "bitch", even how bad they are to you, is rude. There is always a better way to say criticism.

Anonymous said...

Mario. I lost all my respect of you. You are mean and cruel and a wannabe. You wanted to be famous and everything and you got succeded. You thought that you were popular but that wasnt enough. You wanted more and more! You wanted to be like fakeshake3 and style_magazine. You wanted to appear in every blog. You suck up on the elites and famous people. And when you think they think you are their best friends, you stab then in the back. Because that's what you are. A wannabe.

And i also wanted to say that you are really stupid. In fact, all the people have already noticed it. Using so mean words? To virtual people? Who the hell are you to tell some people to "die" and stuff like that?!

Claire said...

Sorry Mario.
I will leave you alone now.
I wish we could rewind back time 2-3 days...:/

I wish...



Mianizer said...

Dramaqueen! or king, whatever.

rosie333. said...

Yawn! More arguments! What is it with you lot? lol

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