Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stardoll-we need new things!


Stardoll still bringing old things and some rares :O

We would like a refresh! lol

Well...I think the new DKNY collection will be a refresh but its taking ages :S

P.S. Sorry for not posting that much its just there is nothing new :S


Anonymous said...

Well too Say Sahar Remeber Sd Has been making new Brands and Putting on sales + Making new Doll's (ik the dolls have not been the best but There new dolls right?) And games it might not seam like they Did much but trust me its alot Of work, Can they also have lifes?


Anonymous said...

What is RARE?
What does it mean?:}
Can you write more about this items?
I still don't understand whatis it.

Eda said...

Yeah i think so

rosie333. said...

I totally agree

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