Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't been on, but I've been really busy all weekend. The competition will be judged tonight!

Also, as you may have noticed, *Lejla* won the other competition, I'll get back to you about that soon Lydia!


MollyMasquerade said...

okay :)
My comment isn't showing up on the comp sign up post - ive been trying for days :)
Please look at my album, for the comp :D
MollyMasquerade xo

MollyMasquerade said...

oh sorry, my messages have been approved!
Thanks :)
MollyMasquerade xo

arna-rut said...

Her name is Lydía ;D But ahh lol xP

And congrats lydía :D

Anonymous said...


Rit@ said...

Congratulations! :]

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