Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There's a new bitch in town

Yup. A brand spanking NEW bitch has arrived on Stardoll! I have to say, 2009 has started off with A LOT of feuds, Gossip.. and Bitchiness! Anyway, I'm talking about a New Burn Book. Her name? OfficialHater. She mostly targets the PerezStarGossip blog. I don't know why, She just does. She also seems to find swearing, the best way to insult people, and has very poor grammar. On the "Introduction" of the blog, I saw this:
This medoll, Is Mimi_Mami, and this graphic was made by Mimi_Mami. I remember seeing this picture on her magazine, Dignity magazine or something.. Which I think is now deleted.

Another thing I came across, was in the comments. This actually made me laugh..

Haha! Some idiot actually thought Arna and I, were the same person. I could prove with photo evidence of moi, that I am not Arna, or she is not me, or whatever.. But I have none on my computer at the moment.. Besides, Its pretty obvious we're not. I can speak Irish, and she can speak Icelandic.. Or whatever the language is called!

Check it out for yourselves: http://perezhiltonofstardollsucks.blogspot.com/



Babie_pink_star said...

Go sean !
I can speak irish 2 haha.
Tá mé ocras. !

Talia said...

i can back u 2 up i seen a pic of arna and u.

arna-rut said...

its icelandic, And us the same person? HAHAHAHAHA. Ask *lejla*, eva_lover or sanz- if im a real person or blahblah.
I've seen/Met them all in real life, well obviously since eva is my sister xD

And that bitch copied maria's graphic :/

+ i seriouslyy dislike her(The BIATCH)

-Cooldude said...


I hope we, us, Me, whatever gets featured! :D

yasas10 said...

She said she'll burn me on her blog if I don't send her a gift.

I'm preparing to become famous!

[And if she does feature me, you're invited to my guestbook party I'm throwing.]


FadedxLove16-- said...

I was readin her blogs and i dont think she's trying to be mean. I tihnk she's just wanting to get her anger out... and let's face it. There are bitches out there who deserve a fucking diss. Some are just so mean, annoying, and a lier . Or those who try to act better than every1 else, act so fricen rich, or call themself "elites". Welll F-U elites. Elites are like people who claim their 'popular'. There is a difference between IS popular and a "wanna-be" popular. lol. But if this girl does diss any of my friends well sign me up in her next post cuz i'd b a big ass bitch. lol. :)


AC Viper said...

haha she never published my comments, so i guess i can leave them here right?

well, first of all, she's the one leaving most [if not all] of the "anonymous" comments on her posts. i also think she's the "female dog" or whatever her name is. burn arna? she already did.
unfortunately after writing a very long comment on that post, when i clicked on "publish comment" i found out she has removed it. her latest post "the truth" or something like that, is about me.

here's my comment for the post about that chick from perez website:
i have lost count of how many times you called her mean.
you said that "elites are pretty", and then you said that "we need to get rid of the elite mentality that these bitches have". so you do call them "elites", but at the same time you hate the whole "elites" thing. how about stop calling them "elites"? you just feed these cunts' egos. i dont know who is considered "elite" on stardoll, and frankly i dont give a fuck. and that whole "elite look"? you mean those 10 years old who try to make their medolls look like a 40 years old [transvestite] crack whore?
and now, back to the "burnt bitch". personally, i dont know her, and i dont care who she is. but the way you "burnt" her was quite lame, you weren't witty enough for me, you weren't funny either. "she's fake", "she's mean", "she's cruel", "she has no style", "everyone should block her"... how old are you, 7?
i guess what you meant to say is that she's not a nice person, but from reading what you wrote about her, i realized it comes from nothing but jealousy.

**i save a copy of the long comments i make coz my internet connection is crappy sometimes. short comments, like "haha bitch you're the anonymous commenter" she didnt publish :P for obvious reason, she want fans.
i have a feeling she's planning to "burn" me, i wonder what she will write about me, will she find any "dirt" about me? hmm.. im not that famous..

AC Viper said...

oh and another thing, she used a picture i made [obese medoll] as her banner, she lately removed it. http://sdspoilers.blogspot.com/2008/10/heeeeehee-d.html

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Oooh I just wrote about her yesterday on Stardollscouture.blogspot.com. You're right sean, she's just pathetic. Oh it's nice to know that you and Arna are the same (lol). I guess why i love you both so much. lol. xoxo Jenna

-Cooldude said...


-Cooldude said...

AC viper, She said she doesn't care what people think about her, yet she won't publish your comments on what you think!


AC Viper said...

she want people to worship her, not criticize her.
too bad she removed the post about arna, i wrote such a long comment where i psycho-analized her... oh well i saved it just in case she posts about arna again.
maybe she removed the post to include your name as arna's alter ego? :P

Anonymous said...

your a fool for giving her the attention she obviously craves.

Anonymous said...

Ha I keep alot of bbb's old postes and her curent righting style is way different it is prob a dif person wanting too be famous

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

She's probably using Mimi_Mami doll so people think that Mimi_Mami is doing this stupid burn book instead of her. Even though she put out her account!

rosie333. said...

Again, pathetic attention seeker!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

haha yup pathetic!

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