Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guest article #2

This article was written by rosie333.!

Another year has come and gone, Stardoll having changed so much within the space of 12 short months.
It is debatable if it has changed for better or worse.

The Fashion year has been even more startling which is why I shall be writing about my hopes for 2009.
For starters, we know the global economy is going down the toilet and people are less and less willing to buy so for me, designers need to be aware of this.
Fashion needs to be affordable, on stardoll as well.
People don't have the money for endless stardollars to spend crazy amounts on virtual clothing. Stardoll aren't the only ones feeling the pinch.

Stardoll have provided us a lot more to spend our stardollars on this year but nothing has lived up to the thrill and excitement that the first collection DKNY left us with.

The LE collection was a significant highlight for me, it is very my style. Studs, sequins, bold colours and zippers are pefect for the party season and a symbol for me of panache and radiance.
I could only manage to get hold of the 294th edition of the black cut out leggings.
The pricing was excessive and over the top. But it kept me thinking.

What do I want to see from stardoll? I want to see the sequins and studs of upcoming fashionistas, I want to have great bold clothes and YES I want affordable clothes.
I personally would like to see a Real Brand for furniture and maybe a Louis Vuitton handbag store...
There will always be something that Stardoll could do better but lets face it, if there wasn't it wouldn't be the scamming, glitch filled Stardoll we love so much. :)



-Diamondz- said...

Great Article :)

lovinitlovinit said...

Nicely put!
I can see your point on the whole money crunch. However, the admin wants their money, too - so they'll keep the prices of our pixels as high as they please.

And about the Louis Vuitton store (or any drop-dead-must-have-now designers), I don't think it's Stardoll's place to just decide they want to do that. They have to get approvment and endorsments and all of this other crap from the designer! Bunch of legal biz!
No offense, but I'm sure Louis Vuitton doesn't want to be broadcasted on a website targeted for pre-teens and younger! That's a tad bit below their average multi-milliondollar standards. :)

But we can dream!

MollyMasquerade :) said...

awesome :)

Holly [ xstarburstx808 ] said...

I love the Louis Vuitton idea. Alough I do agree with lovinitlovinit stardoll will have to get permission for it. But im sure if you talked to them they'd try maybe ? I don't know LOL!

Good artical I really enjoyed reading it. Well done

Anonymous said...

I Totally Agree With EveryThing in Your Article! I love The Bit At The end about the Lewis Vuttion Hand Bags! Personly I Would Like A Collection of Jimmy-Choo Shoes But I Doubt It Will happen :(

rosie333. said...

Thanks for the positive feedback!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

louis vuitton hand bags where released in the chinese starplaza :P

Rit@ said...

Some of the greatest items in stardoll... I didn't buy anything from LE but I love all the clothes.

rosie333. said...

Again, thanks for commenting! It means a lot!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i love the clothes you picked! i love those

rosie333. said...

Thanks everyone! I'm not sure people's views of LE are the same anymore after the increase in availability and prices!

Sammybeatiful/Bea said...

cool and awesome article!!!

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