Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ooh-la-la, check out my funky new beret.

Okay, so it's not that funky, but, hey, it's free! And it's the only glitch I've heard about at this month's sale!
Thanks to slevins for letting me know!

What's that? A hat?

Crazy funky junky hat!

Overslept? Hair's unsightly?

Trying to look like Keira Knightley?

We been there, we done that,

We see right through your funky hat!

Sorry, Disney Channel moment there :P


Mary said...

hahaha, cool moment! :D

Holly. x said...

Yep :D

Holly. x said...

Yep :D

arna-rut said...

LOL FIONA! your going mad :o!

yasas10 said...

Alex and Harper! :D

dea1712 said...


Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i love disney channel!

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