Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stardoll are absolute RETARDS

I am now FURIOUS with Stardoll Staff. They are a useless pack of retards, who havn't got the first clue of what the members want. As you may know, I STILL can't get onto my account, because Stardoll will not let me. I have tried a million times, and even on other computers with faster broadband than mine, and nothing is working. I am constantly mailing them, and they reply to my e-mail with the same old shit that does not help. So just there a few minutes ago I decided to delete my account, then re-activate it again to see if it would work, which it didn't. Thankfully it only deleted my smallest club, and I still have my largest one left.. But I can't get into my account, still..
And in case your wondering, this is what comes up when the page has loaded after me logging in. It won't go back to the Stardoll website, unless I click the "X" in the corner. Callie, If you do read blogs, and if this is one of them, I just want to say If I ever meet you in real life I will slap you.

Oh, and Happy New year :)


Fiona said...

Aww :( Well, it's their loss, because they're losing one of their best customers :P

not-perfect111 said...

Try with another browser.When you log in from different computers do you use Firefox again?

arna-rut said...


-Cooldude said...


I should stop spending my money on them ;D

Haylin295 said...

I am sorry for you!

But when I read the slap thing I was laughing for about 5 minutes!

I hope you will get your account!

breathless.magazine said...

OMG the exact same thing is happening to me i am so angry with stupid stardoll
it has been two weeks since i have been able to get on my account cltreanor
the only page i can access is the starplaza

i have sent loads of emails to them from my hotmail account but i just keep getting crapy automatic responses
and now i have just received a message from them which has really tipped me over the edge
see my blog to read what they sent me

hope you get yours back soon

-Cooldude said...

Cltreanor - Do you delete your mail? I think thats why my account is being slow..

and to not-perfect111, No, I used Internet explorer on other computers. Do you know any other browsers?

breathless.magazine said...

yeah sometimes
but i get so much its hard to delete it all


Fiona said...

I was wondering why you were never online anymore Clare :)

I delete all my mail because it's easier to control that way :P

breathless.magazine said...

yeah i really should have done that too

do you think that has something to do with it not working ?

oh and Fiona how was your christmas? hope your well

Fiona said...

I don't know, but Stardoll are really stupid to do this because they're losing money from it!

My Christmas was great Clare. I got a green iPod and my family got a Wii and some games! How was your Christmas?

breathless.magazine said...

yeah they are!!! arrrrhhhh it so annoying i want my money back LOL

wow thats awesome i love playing the wii !
my christmas was nice thanks i got some urban decay makeup and gift cards for topshop and h&m

Fiona said...

Wow, that sounds great!! You'll be able to spend the gift vouchers in the January sales :P

What's your favourite Wii game? I love WiiFit!


hayln295 said...

Wait it's weird because sometimes I see you -cooldude connected on the list of friends online .

Have you been hacked?

breathless.magazine said...

yeah i was doing some shopping yesterday in belfast =)

i love Mario cart
i have never played wiifit but it sounds awesome !

Fiona said...

I've noticed that too actually. I've never seen Clare there recently though

Babie_pink_star said...

You should try safairy, ! x

Fiona said...

Aww, cool!

We have MarioKart too! I love how you can play with people all over the world if you connect your Wii to the internet!

WiiFit is a lot of fun!

breathless.magazine said...

yeah i no its says im online but all the pages come up blank like the picture -cooldude posted
it so frustrating the only page i can go to is the starplaza

Lexie. said...

Well thats just fxckin screwed.
Stardoll has major probs and should hmm stop repeting the same messeges to everyone.
Sh!t you dont get your DKNT dress,ill sell you mine for 2$ if ya want? that is if you ever get on your account..ugh

Maggie said...

stardoll-staff is so crazy.
what´s their probleme with you -Cooldude?
what did you do them?

not-perfect111 said...

Yes,I'm using Opera now.
I had some problems with loading pages too when I used Firefox.

breathless.magazine said...

Babie_pink_star ; yeah i have tried that and internet explorer but no matter what system i go on it just keeps happening

thanks for the help through

Fiona: yeah i love playing against people across the world it awesome
you never no we could some day be playing each other LOL

arna-rut said...

Sean.. Try Safari, Mozilla or Opera :P

-Cooldude said...

I duno Haylin, I'm not hacked.. It just shows I'm online, But I can't like..Visit my page, mail, etc..

and I love mario kart ;D

Fiona said...

Hehe, that's true!

You can still buy things in Starplaza? Wow, typical Stardoll, even though you can't access your account, they're still trying to make money from you!

breathless.magazine said...

YEAH i no i can still buy anything and the stardollers go out of my account like usual and im still getting my 50 a week for superstar

-cooldude can you go to the starplaza ???

-Cooldude said...


I can't even view the website, unless I X out of the internet!

breathless.magazine said...

thats what its like for me but when i put in to the bar it will take me there but all other pages come up as blanks like yours

-Cooldude said...

I'l try..

Lexie. said...

Wow that sucks
So do you want my DKNY dress if you cant get yours?
ill just sell it to you for 2$...

-Cooldude said...

Wow Thanks Clare!

I have 299 reuqests, 657 messages and 137 gb entries! AHHHHH!

Lexie. said...

It worked???
Your on your account?

yasas10 said...

You're going to slap Callie?! PLAIN AWESOME. SEND A PIC! XD

-Cooldude said...

LOL yas!
Uhm, I can just visit the StarPlaza..Thats it :/

Lexie. said...

But you got your DKNY Dress right?

MollyMasquerade said...

If you want other browsers, I use Safari when on stardoll

or is your account working now? :)

happy new year! =]

breathless.magazine said...

yeah i have 1077 friend requests 255 guest book entries and 798 messages i can say i will not be answering all of them LOL but i can't figure out why i have so many !?!?!?!
maybe its a mistake LOL

yay -cooldude it worked ?
well i guess now we no its the same thing happening to both of us

-Cooldude said...

Yeah :(

OMG, you have ALOT of requests!
I am soo starting to delete people, I have WAY to many friends that I don't speak to!

breathless.magazine said...

yeah same here !

...SingStar... said...

Im confuzzeled?!

Are you on your account?!

And Stardoll ARE retards.
My email isnt confrimed and I tried sending a confirmation mail to my hotmail but the send button wont work and it doesnt send the confirmation to my email, i have done it like 50 times and the button is broken. I told stardoll in mail so many times adn they tel me al this shit about how to confirm it and saying how great it is when it is... '' remeber you get 2 dollar a day when its confrimed'' AHHHH i want to broadcast...

Lexie. said...

Wow! i only have 155 siting on mine!
Dont delete me,lol Please dont..

Anonymous said...

You know what the police does in Gemany when jerks go on their nerves? They just take pepper spray and spray it in the eyes. So if you meet Callie do that or better I'll beat up Callie and get the German Army with loads of pepper spray xD

jammy8888 said...

OH MY GOD i ♥ MarioKart ;]
I Have the wheel xD
it rocks :]
oh yeahh, i fort seàn wuz online yesterday and i started shouting at my computer because he wouldn't reply x]
Oh, yeah, if you visit my blog with the funny letters (if you want a shortcut its
I didn't know WHAT was happening :/

Claire said...

No wonder why I haven't heard from you..

Damn stardoll
I won't stop you for slapping Callie!
(I've under a long time thought about to do it but I am not a bitch pro as youuu XD )



-Cooldude said...

LOL to the person above!

I won't delete you, Lexie ;D

I am so bored without my account! LOL

Grainne how can you live without BROADCASTS?! :O

breathless.magazine said...

i won't delete you either Lexie

LOL yeah i am so bored without my account too -cooldude
arrrrrhhhh i just want it back

Anonymous said...


Immi and Emma said...

No wonder I haven't heard from you for a month! XD
Are you making a new account?

/Emmalicious baaha

Anonymous said...

Yay for the firefox user.

Anonymous said...

When that happens to me, I restart or switch to the previous version of firefox, I kept both because I Prefer the previous one.

jammy8888 said...

Thats weird Fiona, i got the same things as you, only my iPod was Pink x]

rosie333. said...

Ha! I love the title! I totally agree with you! Even like 3 months later, things like this are still happening!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

lol really annoying!

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