Friday, December 19, 2008

Different People - Different Opinions

Different people, have different opinions. Yes? Yes. So I do apologize, for my last post. It was rude, But I was just expressing myself, and I was angry. You all have a right to your own opinions, and may post them if you want. But you know, I am a mean, ignorant person, I do admit, and I am annoying, So I get why you can get angry...

For the person who said, "Fiona, fire cooldude" was pretty mean :[
I would hate to get fired, as I really like this blog, because the writers are all my best friends.

Anyway, I will shut up now, with my moaning, Lol! Don't expect to much Stardoll related gossip from me, as my computer is uber retarded, and is preventing me from logging in :[

AND, I have 2 extra days of School, All our school got off today, but exam years have 2 extra days.. - sigh -

Are you off School?!

Merry Christmas too xD


sahar said...

Wow Sean you always have long speaches :P
I'll get off school for 2 weeks on Tuseday XD
Any way I agree that who said "Fiona,fire Sean" was very mean,I dont agree that any one should be fired and alot of people are using this situation (or how ever you spell it) to try to get to write for this blog I dont mind if we get new writers but no one should be fired.

arna-rut said...

As i said to the person that wrote the fire thingy, If you get fired im outta here... Im NOT gonna write for this blog if fiona would fire one of you two. Ofcours i know fiona isnt like that :] and your post wasnt mean, I seriously shouted "GO SEAN" in real life lol :P

And i've been to school - off school and all that pretty much. I didnt go on monday, went on tuesday, didnt go on wednesday, Went yesterday and didnt go today so im out for 16 days :D

Anonymous said...

lol fiona is totally not like that. She's never fire anyone inless they are mean, heartless, and terrible at the job. But seriously if they were like that bad, why would they ever be hired in the 1st place? lol


[[I finally got a google account! :) I know long have to use anonoymous]]

Talia said...

im off officially today!! had my concert last night lol what a ball!!! and yeah GO SEAN!!!!!!

hech i wouldnt mind writing for this blog i don't write for any blog just publish a mag, but if to get in the blog someone was fired then thats like STUPID! i hate to take ppls places to get a chance but still me happy for you. i can keep on dreaming id get a cance to write for a blog!

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