Thursday, December 18, 2008

YAY! 12 rooms

Superstars got 12 rooms!

And get ready for more!

Vamplady your wish came true :P (from the improving suggestions post)

I still think non-superstars should get more rooms at least one extra room?

Sorry if I got grammar/spelling problems >:[


arna-rut said...

oh man, and i hardly know how to use my other rooms :[

Talia said...

noticew how the pic has a boy medoll?

VampLady said...

yaaay! but, but, but.. when I wanted to decorate it, I saw half of stuff in my suite were gone! well, not just mine.. lol..

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your grammer... I tihnk it's perfect the way it is =]


Paperdoll said...

NOT-Yay here ;-)

Just another empty room to lock, because I don´t want to waste more money on my rooms (I only waste it on fashion, lol). I´m absolutely okay with 5 or 6.

Xmissy.dX said...

grr, I hate when Stardoll do a relaunch - Almost my entire furniture is GONE. I complained and Stardoll replied that it can take up to 2 weeks to get it fixed..WTF?! Anyone else with that problem?

Anonymous said...

More rooms I dont need any more Wast of space for right now Soon in 2009 there will be like 25 rooms lolol

PBjelly.x said...

i recon.
get treated like Dirt.
i remember it didnt matter they could do most of all the crap the
supers could too.

im surprised they
stay stardolling theres not
to much in it for em.


Lillyandmile/sarra said...


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