Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2 little gifts, To cheer you up :D

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For 15 Stardollars, go to: stardoll.com/sv/xml/getXMasMoney.php
For a chest from Moonacre, go to: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18088

The chest looks like this:

I can't take credit for this, as Matulka, gave me this information.

Merry Christmas ^^,


sahar said...

I got them already but thanx ^.^

tinkerbells said...

thanks it worked!!!! :D :D


Thank you people, you are so great. I just wanna ask how do you get other items from Moonacre ?

-Cooldude said...


I think you have to change your country to Great Britain.

Then you should get a gift, which is a book, and click the lock..

But it always brings me to the start oage :S

Angela177 said...

know for hte money but thanks for the Chest! Hope there will be more!

Anonymous said...

thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

TYye moonacre stuff is different every two days ive got a piano , stool , cake stand , chest , and a balck labrador ! see my suite yelladuck for the pics of them !

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me...:(
It came up something saying
lol must be somfin wrong..

Add me on Stardoll,Bronagh97

Dea1712 &amp REAL_MIHAelaa said...

Cheat for money didnt worked for me :S:S
it says status= notXmas!!

Anonymous said...


what does it mean?

littlemissruby said...

Hi -cooldude, remember me? I love you.

Bianca said...

it comes up with the not xmas thing

Rhonda said...

it comes up with saying not x-mas

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