Monday, December 29, 2008

Awards and other news

Guess what? We've been nominated as best blog in the awards at:

It's our first nomination :)
I was also nominated along with -Cooldude and arna-rut for different awards.
The awards ceremony is on the 9th of January and there'll be a party to celebrate.
If you want to see who's been nominated or to vote, go to
In other news, we have a very special guest article lined up for New Years Day, but I won't say what it's about as it might be copied :P
Also, the reason we have no hit counter ATM is that I'm going to post one on New Years Day so we it will start on the first day of the year.


-Cooldude said...

So we will have to start with new hits..?

Anyway, I was nominated for something!..for once!


Fiona said...

Yep, we'll have to start with new hits. But I think it'll be kinda cool to see how many we get from the start of the year to the end :)

arna-rut said...

cool :D and second time in nominated for something xD

sahar said...

good luck every one.

Fiona said...

What were we nominated for before?

Fiona said...

What were we nominated for before?

Babie_pink_star said...

Thanks for showing the votes :]
I think yer blog is going to win,
It totally deserves it . xx

rosie333. said...

Hope you win!

rosie333. said...

Wow! Well done for the nomination!

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