Monday, December 29, 2008

Stardoll memories!


I had this idea....

It may be pointless but I think it can also be fun!

How about you describe how was it when you first joined Stardoll?

When I first joined Stardoll I think I was very stupid, I didnt have that much good English and I didnt realy know what was going around me lmao! I'm lucky that I had some great friends who showd me what to do and how to get to the point I'm in now :D

Also what do you prefere?

Old Stardoll or the New Stardoll?


yasas10 said...

When I 1st joined SD, I had a girl showing me what to do. Now, sometimes, she asks me. :P
I still remember that ''You've got no visitors yet'' or whatever notice when you go to your suite to see who has visited you!

Talia said...

i prefer old stardoll but with new sd money lol old stardoll was great cause there was no elites and stoopid people.

Silverbear said...

When I first joined I had kid-lock.I quickly deleted it!I requested everyone.I saw a DKNY squeins skirt in the bazzar for a mere sum of 5 stardollars first time I was superstar.Even then I knew it was good value!And I was peeved off when it came up woth a " Sorry this item is already bought or is back in your suite." message!


-Cooldude said...


We only had 3 rooms, which was crap :/

and I met you in club Weirdtown, Member? You were CG in there 1 day :D


4butterfly4 said...

Well, I joined around May and it was almost the same. And I also thought it was stupid. I wasn't superstar, so I thought it was more stupid. Then I turned super star, after that like 3 months later, I got hacked. I also had this account 4butterfly4, once again no superstar, I bought it then I was OK.

Fiona said...

When I joined we didn't have sceneries, we didn't have Starpoints, we didn't have StarBazaar, there was no Starplaza - just squares with clothes in them. The first time I bought superstar, I only got $25, so the DKNY Skyscraper costing $21 seemed enormous!

sahar said...

I couldnt become superstar from Israel when I first joined
I first became superstar when my friend from UK gave me a code :D
she doesnt come online any more :[ I realy miss her! lol
Then 2 days before my Superstar membership expiers we could buy by phone from Israel XD
I also remember no one got to see our Starpoints lmao

Living-for-ever (Ella) said...

well, i had another account...& it got hacked and the person deleted it. i guess they didn't like me that much xD. anyway, i made living-for-ever, and A_Maggy added me. And me and her became best friends, and then i started adding different people, and my friendship group grew and grew and ive made amazing friends that i'll proberly never forget XX

Monroe... said...

I remember on my old account when i joined 2 years ago, almsot 3, tat there wasn't scenerys, and Starbazaar, neither Starplaza, and as fiona said, Squeares wih clothes in. I loved that system and I'm ad they changed to Starplaza :(
We only had our Main-room, then there got an door, and i couldn't open it, until I turned superstar for the first time, and then i got 35 std :) Then another room showed up and now we have 12 :D
I remember HB in the Shops, and that everything was almost for non-superstars i guess stardoll changed :/

Anonymous said...

When I joined stardoll in April 2005, there was literally nothing. You couldn't even post private messages. You had a page to write about yourself and messages for everyone to see at the bottom. There were few dolls aswell which had poor graphics aswell. NO starplaza. NO medoll to style. To think stardoll has come a long way.

_M_A_D_1234 said...

Hell i prefer new stardoll!
When i first joined there was no medolls, no shops, no money, nada!
It was only dolls, and i liked it but compared to the dolls we get now, the graphics were TERRIBLE and also it was a bit boring.
But when i first realised you could make a medoll i was on it all the time ( i went off it for like a year)!
Also at that time there was only squares to find (bad) clothes in in the Shop (not the starplaza, and apart from not getting the free clothes there was no real difference between SS and Non-SS.

oc_lover_1994 said...

I remember me and 5 (yes five) of my cose friends shared an account. So we ran out of money in like the first minute. And you used to get money from the starpoints, not prizes!

Cat_Chris said...

I remeber the first time I went on Stardoll.
I was 12 years old, I guess. I was looking for websites where I could dress up dolls and I found Stardoll! The first doll I dressed up was Amanda Bynes and then Anne Hathaway. They were my favourites and the prettiest of all them! Because the others had that old look. I am on Stardoll since January 2005, when we only could dress up about 50 dolls! Now Stardoll is more fabulous than ever :)

Lexie. said...

Man i remember we had no good hair.
Also i rememberwell it wasnt that long ago but i remember not having 2folders in our mail(what a pain).
And the ugly clothing(besides the beau DKNY)
And we actully got money with our starpoints(god i miss that)
Non-SS only had 1room for awhile.
And in 2007when i first joined stardoll my medoll looked terrible and the first mail i every got said "wanna chat" Lmao that girl became one of my besties on here.

♥Charlotte♥ said...

When I first joined it was one oo for non ss and we hardly bought anything because the starpoints took so long. my frend gave me a code and it was only 25 stardollars then which is really quite little compared to what you can get now (Lol)

The old album was cool Bcause the new album don't work for me!


PRiiNCeSSx.X.x said...

i don´t know much about my first stardoll-trip. (2006)
i had an other doll (don´t know the name), my english was very bad and i didn´t know what to do, so i didn´t log in i think 1 or 2 years.
then i made my new doll PRiiNCeSSx.X.x and i it took me a really long time to understand stardoll. now i know, it wasn´t a good idea to do nothing 2006.
(c) PRiiNCeSSx.X.x

Anonymous said...

when i first came across stardoll it still was calles paperdoll heaven. it's ages ago. then i forget about it and came across the site one year later and now it was called stardoll. it has had only one room and only a little shop.

xEmili said...

I think i was very boriiing . I had only two or three tops and one pair of shoes . I used to make my medoll look 'random' . Lol . I dont remember very well ,, :/

ninafrusciante said...

when i joined it was august 2006 but later my first account nincho was deleted so i made a new one-ninafrusciante in april 2007. when i registered first:
-you could earn some stardollars by inviting people and everyone was cheating, inviting non-existed people. i made over 500 stardollars by this way.
-there was no starpointing
-you could by superstar without real cash but with stardollars. i bought 1 month of supertar by 20 stardollars.
-there were few brands
-no chat available
-nice situation
-not as expensive clothes
-no extra rooms
-the most of the gifts were available for non-superstars too.
-there were no elites
-there were only few superstar clothes. the most of them were for everybody.
and etc...

ninafrusciante said...

yes and it was not but

Babii-Mariex said...


How could we live on stardoll without the magazines, blogs, drama, fun etc.

Without all that.. stardoll would be a normal dolly site. LOL!


When I first joined,-Chickdowntown- wasnt my REAL first account,my very first account was cutie_zan.It was veryyyy retarded !!! I didnt know what the heck stardoll was !!!

So,I left stardoll.Then a year later,boom.Im back.My 2OO8 account was fabudesigner,and eww I hate the name,so I changed it to shawtygirly12,I didnt like it.SO FINALLY,I made -Chickdowntown- in May 2OO8.I was very shocked and surprised that stardoll improved !My medoll and -Chickdowntown- used to be veryy retarded.But when I became superstar in June,I got lotsa money and people started to visit my suite..etc.Then it expired and I bought a stardoll card and now I am superstar again!

Gymcutie022 said...

I joined Stardoll in February of 2007. I just liked dressing up the dolls, but then I got an account. It was kind of boring because you couldn't really do much, there was no StarBazaar, I only had one room, you could only buy very little clothes, and the MeDolls weren't the prettiest either. Non-Superstars couldn't buy furniture either. We could send mail to people, but it wasn't really advanced and technological. There was only the Stardoll, Rio, Fudge, Voile, Fallen Angel, and Folk brands in the Mini Plaza. You couldn't really dress that many dolls either. There weren't any clubs, and Hot Buys and DKNY weren't that big of a deal back then. Stardoll has changed so much in the past few years and has become a very popular website! I am very happy with all the changes they've made, but with these changes, it makes it easier and easier to hack into other people's accounts, which stinks. I was hacked in about August 2008, and lost lots of my valuable DKNY. Some of the people wouldn't even give it back because I couldn't prove I was hacked! What kind of a society is that? Selfish much. Anyways, I am very happy with the changes and am glad to see how much progress Stardoll has made within the years.
Rock on Stardoll!

Silverbear said...

I have only been on stardoll a year and it has changed my life.I have great new friends,know a lot more about fashion and designers,and have go better at typing.I used to tipy lik dis.
Yeah,memories,memories.When i joined you had to buy superstar.I wasnt THAT lucky to be on earlier.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh I remember 1st Joining, Youu had to PAY for sceneries, Which was crap when we barely had any (*)$ xD
From Yvonne (jammy8888)

Babie_pink_star said...

I had an aold account and it was easy to win cg id say 10 votes like lol. Then it got hacked and came 3rd cg the next day.
When you bought superstar you only got 25$ , so starpoints, shop was really really fast and easy ..
And 2 rooms.

Nuttyloulou said...

Hmmm... I Must Have Been 8...It Was Back when It was Still Paper Doll Heaven And I Searched On google for 'dress up games' and I Told My Best Friend we played for a few months then 4got an the next year she asked if i Still Played It and When I Sed no she Made Me An Accout And Here I Am Today!!

Anonymous said...

I Remember we had 1 room and sceneries were Brand new And i was Over The moon when I Brought 22 stardollers And Felt Popular....i Was Also Obsesed wit Isabella.Arci Because She Was The IT Girl At The Time!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED The Old Stardoll! This Is gonna Sound Stupid But Beacuse There was Such Few Members there Was More 'Community Spirt' And Less 'B!tches and Elites....
I loved being poor and goin on every day lookin 4 free stuff lol!!!

Anonymous said...

I joined stardoll December 2007 & when I first joined, I only had one room! My first few months, we didnt have elites, posers or other b!tch$ like that. When stardoll started putting more superstar features in, thats when the elites started coming in!


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