Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hey guys!

I've been reading your comments about what can be improved on the blog.
I don't know about the other authors, but I will definitely do what you're asking. I understand that you guys don't care if someone got scammed, etc., and I can see where you're coming from!

The complaints about the grammar aand spelling are a different story though. I know it mught be annoying to you, but you have to remember that English isn't Sahar or Arna's first language. I always try my best to use proper grammar, so hopefully that make up for it :D

I'll delete pointless posts, so that only the best will be posted!

Oh, and by the way, the badge competition had to be cancelled because Stardoll stopped letting us have images.

Leave a comment if you have anything else you want me to try and fix, I'll do my best.



Anonymous said...

No well I care if someone gets scammed. lol. I'd like to report and remember not to trust that person =] But i dont mind if it's not posted though or if it is.
And if someone is sick... i think it's sweet someone is saying get better. lol i could care less if it's posted or not.

And I love how you try to help make this website better for your readers btw =] But do remember to do things that please you too :)


Anonymous said...

Please, for the good of the blog, fire -cooldude.

sahar said...

I always try my best to post good topics but lately-there is nothing going on in stardoll :/

arna-rut said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, for the good of the blog, fire -cooldude.

Sean has been here from like the start of the blog. If he gets fired i'm gone to. Im not gonna be in this blog unless we keep the original staff UNLESS one of them chooses to leave :/

surfsandandsun said...

Gossip-Stardoll is literally the best Stardoll blog. I find that everytime I visit it there are new posts :D I now understand about the grammar/punctuation. I just mentioned it because you guys wanted to know improvements :P Keep it up, all of you guys are doing a great job! :D :D

lovinitlovinit said...

Y'all, you've got to give them a break. There is NOTHING exciting or secretive snooping about Stardoll! So, what do you expect for them to post? You have three options! They can either post:

A. What they are posting now (Sure, it may not be gossip, but it IS the latest news!)
B. Not post at all
C. Make it all up

I don't know about y'all, but I'd rather have A over anything! You can't complain for something they can't control.

Just goes to show ya how god darn gossip ravenous we all are, haha! :D

arna-rut said...

Thanks cam ;] :P

FadedxLove16-- said...

Excuse me but fire cooldude?! 1st of all fiona would never fire him... and arna is right. These people [[including cooldude]] are the original writters, they started this fabulous website and if you don't like it then leave and stop reading. I'm sorry bout that was very rude of you anonymous.

btw I finally got a google account! I don't have to use anonymous anymore and sign my name...! =] lol o well i'll still sign cuz my google username isn't the same as my google account. hahaha

Fia said...


Steph said...

Thank you Fiona, I have to say you're the only person I feel actually cares about this blog. I found Cool Dude's last post very inappropriate and unproffessional... I quote "I DON'T CARE" well you should, a writer needs an audience and behaviour like that will loose you one.

-Cooldude said...

Thanks Arna, and the girl above :]

FadedxLove16-- said...

oooops.... lol. I said i would still sign my stardoll username cuz my google username isnt the same; but i never did! hahah duh! :P

Ok I'm signing it now =]


Anonymous said...

Get rid of the playlist im sick of going on to blogs and hearing bad music..or dont make it play automatically.

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