Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guest article #1

The following article was written by yumyum2k7.

Here's her article:

Hey, my name is Meg but you may know me better as 'yumyum2k7' the founder of the club dedicating to saving Miss Britney Jean Spears. Not long after we were set up and reached the 100-member milestone, the infamous blogger Perez Hilton added 'Save Britney' slogan-tees to his Perezcious collection. Hey, what can I say?

But seriously, my first love is fashion and I'm going to share my sometimes-controversial views with you on the upcoming Hotbuys.

So girls, we all know Hotbuys, those lusted after rares, the epitome of timeless glamour and always coveted.

Just months before, hotbuys were almost condemned by almost every Stardoll Magazine and Blog and just about everyone was whispering 'Trust Stardoll...'

But as every self-proclaimed fashionista logged on, ready to check out the latest Hotbuys, tapping their manicured nails feriociously on the keyboard, with a touch of dissapointment already, the page slowly loads....Everyone, united in this somewhat joyous occasion, put their hands together and whisper 'Stardoll's Back!'

Just like Britney, the original Comeback Kid, Stardoll have finally taken there time to issue us with some fabulous fashion which are deserving of the title 'Hot Buy'.

This fabulous new collection has been taken straight from the jewel-inspired colour palette. Some bloggers may stress this theme has '..all been done before' But seriously, if it it looks so good, who cares?

From feminine tailoring, a purple colour-scheme and PVC leggings this collection is perfect for a capsule wardrobe for new users or new inspiration for long-term users.

My Top 3:

PVC Leggings- Most people wouldn't believe me if I went on to say they are not a new trends as such but it seems like most High Street retailers and their followers are just picking up on the trend, left over from the fetish trend from last season.
But, they are by no means, last season. PVC leggings have carried through and look set to do so in 2009.
I would definetly purchase these on their release, even if you don't have the courage to do so in 'real-life' you always can on Stardoll.
They are so good because you can wear them with just about anything. Nothing too fussy though.
And only wear one piece of PVC at any one time. Try a long dress with a high waisted belt. Or even a soft knit.

Blazer- From the last decade until present it's all been about femininine tailoring, and if this is anything to go by it's true. Beautiful.
Team this one off piece with something elegant yet loose fitting. To contrast with the harshness of the jacket. Try a high waisted belt to create a fitted look.
Experiment to create your own individual look, I would definetly invest in this blazer.

Earrings- What a style statement. Just beautiful, wear something minimal in neutral colours such as pure white or beige and let these beauties speak for themselves.
They are a style statement in themselves so they don't need any other key piece.
Don't over-accessorise with these, leave them on there own without need for a bracelet or necklace. They would look just beautiful in the comfort of your Suite or for an occasion such as the Star Awards.



Fiona said...

Great article :)

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lipgloss_babe91 said...

You write beautifuly xD these purple hb's where a great hit i still have most of them which is rare for me as i usually sell them on :P great artical i enjoyed reading even if it is months after it was released :D x

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rosie333. said...

Great first guest article! Although, it is very long! :D

Lillyandmile/sarra said...

i love the leggings!

Sammybeatiful/Bea said...

great!!!!i read from top to bottom!!!

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