Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long time no chat!

Hey everyone!

  • I know, I know, it's been a really long time since I posted.

  • I usually don't post because I'm not online much anymore, and by the time I know the gossip, one of our other awesome authors have already posted it :)

  • I just wanted to say that I'll try to be more active again - I'll try.

  • I got a mail from one of our dedicated readers who has been with us from the very start and it made me think a lot about the blog. The reader said that she is disappointed in what the blog has become. In the past, the blog delivered good clean gossip, tips, secrets and news, but this reader thinks that the blog has now become an Elite-obsessed blog, just like all the others. I don't know if any of you agree or disagree, but we would love to hear your opinions on this matter.

  • Please vote on our polls on the side of the blog to let us know what can be fixed!

  • Also, I just want to say Merry Christmas to all our readers!!

  • Would you guys like a special chat box for advertising? Let me know in comments!

Bye for now,




yasas10 said...

What do you mean by ''elite obsessed?''
Always gossiping on elites or...?

Fiona said...

What I think she means is that a lot of the posts are about Elites, like it's someone's birthday or someone is sick, things like that.

-Cooldude said...


Not saying names, But I know WHO your talkin bout ;D


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with that girl.
When I started reading this blog I checked it every day for tips and cheats.

But after a while it sort of became a place for the writers to dish on elites, which I don't care about.

This blog was better before.

Fiona said...

Thanks for letting me know Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

1st of all it's great to see you write again fiona... I've missed readin ur posts =]

lol anyways I think that the website is doing great. When it 1st started, there were tips and stuff... but now i do kindof realize that there is more dissing on others more than helpings stardoll memebers. Don't get me wrong... Sum posts are intresting. For example new secrets, updates on stardoll, and sum gossip posts like the post of sayins such*a*poser and bla bla bla thts back was a great post. Things tht keep us aware and open our eyes to new things. But that one post of that girl saying how she doesn't like everyone copying "her" hairdue i thought was a waste of a post. Sum are just unnessary like post cuz your bord or things that are suppose to show you what's "in". Maybe instead of the whole "get the look", maybe do one of those... a tip for winter or sumthin like that. Ya get wat i mean? Ya know sumthing thats not like what's in and out cuz i really didnt think this helpful website was about that. And the starawards... idk but personally i dont care much about that. I dont mean that i dont like it, i just dont relaly care... [[no affence]]

lol this is a long post but hope it helps from my point of view

Sure sum post are unnessary but over all i like the updates of things i dont know. Good work everyone

Hope you understand and don't take it the wrong way,

Cutiebabe593 <333

surfsandandsun said...

Hey Fiona!
I love your blog, it's basically top on my list! All I notice is that the posts are a little messy, like too casual with incorrect punctuation/grammar... but other then that it's great!

Beatrix.Luna said...

Hey Fiona :D
I missed your posts.
I'm glad you're back.
I kinda agree with that person.
60% of the posts are elite obsessed. =\\
This is the first blog I read , you know?I'm not saying that this elite obsessed thing isnt entertaining at all , but it's just too much.

-Diamondz- said...

Hey Fiona!
Welcome back :)

I still adore this blog, It has always been my favourite just becasue of the balance of gossip and stardoll tips.

My first "complaint" is also the spelling and punctuation. It occurs just a tad too often. It just makes the article look messy.

There are also I don't enjoy some of the personal posts.
For example, When people post what they can't log in, or that they were scammed and other small insignificant posts.

Besides that, The blog is great.
It would be great to get a new writer too.
Preferably one who often uses correct grammar and knows how so look for secrets.
Not mentioning any names *cough* Me *cough*
just kidding :P
Aha, if you ever do look for one though... I'd gladly apply!

♥ Anthea xx

PS. I hope I didn't offend anyone!

Anonymous said...

the blog was shit, crap and trash with out you. :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "reader". I check every day for cheats and secrets. I do not care about people who make good designs, elite birthday's, or who is sick, ect. I think it was fine to tell about Immi's death since its was somebody DYING!
What i DO care about is cheats, secrets, free stuff, ect.
Why don't you whrite about the tons of free Moonacare items???

Hope i wasen't too mean ;)

Pissed person ;P said...

Sorry to say this but post like -cooldude's "So so bored" was really stupid. I mean who cares about if you're bored? And if your computer is slow? I'm really sorry to say this but, post's like that make the blog really pointless and boring. To be honest i think that Sahar-star is the best whriter!

hennessyali said...

i check this blog everyday to see if there is anything new but lately there has been hardely any posts i dont mind about spelling and grammer mistakes cause they cant be helped but it has become elite obsessed the post about ppl stealing her hair do was pointless and i agree with the pissed person saying -cooldudes post are pointless no one cares if hes board this is a gossip blog after all its sopsosed to be about gossip new shops, tips for the season and stardoll blunders. we dont want to her about star awards the only reason there was a post was because arna won something sahar-star is the most consistant the uppdates you done a good but maybe you should get a new writer

i really like the blog though

sahar said...

Great posts as always :)
I'm sorry if I didnt write any intresting topics I realy dont have time but I guess we are all getting holidays soon so I guess we all will add more posts:)

-Diamondz- said...

Woah, I didn't know these comments would cause such an uproar :P

With my comment referring to grammar, I totally understand english may not be the first language. But even saying 'Yes' instead of 'yup' is just that little bit better :)

And with the personal posts, I understand sometimes stardoll doesn;t actually have gossip, so it's ok then. But only if they actually have a point, for example, Fiona selling those two items, thats personal yet informative as they are both 'in-demand' items.

Lastly, I personally think there is a great amount of posts. Considering you have real lives and real things to do, stardoll is just a hobby.

♥ Anthea xx

PS. If anyone wants a free Moonacre rabbit, go here..

rosie333. said...

Great feedback!

Lillyandmile/sarra said...


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