Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top Tips: Friends list.

I think it's time for some more top tips! Last time we did some top tips on sorting out your club and making it better. This time we're going to sort out our friends list.

First of all, depending on how many friends you've got, this can take a long time, so I want to just point out the advantages of sorting out your friends list before we start.

1. You'll be able to find people easier for putting them in sceneries.
2. In your friends online list, you'll see people that you actually care are online.
3. It's easier to find the people you want to mail and visit if your friends list is shorter.
4. You won't get so many chainmails, fake cheats and mails about non-existent sales!

Well, I'm going to stop listing the advantages and just get started!

First, you need to go to your friends list.

Go through every single one of your friends and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I recognise this username?

  • Have I talked to this person in the last month?

  • Am I just friends with him/her because he/she is an elite?

If the answer to any of these is no, then you should delete that person as a friend. They are just taking up space on your friends list.

This takes a long time to do, I had 7 pages of friends and I ended up deleting 6 of the pages :)

Next, look at your best friends list. The people in there should be the people that you talk to everyday, not just people who put you in their list, or asked to be there. Just because you can put 33 people there, doesn't mean you should. It will be much more special if you only have a few people there who really are your best friends.

For pending requests:

Accept them if you think they seem like a nice person, etc.

Deny them if they say:

  • Join my club!

  • Sale!

  • Friends?

  • no message

These people most likely won't talk to you.

Now that your friends list is all fixed up, you'll need to keep it that way so that it doesn't get so messed up again.

What I do is this:

Every week (choose a day - I do it on Friday) go through your friends list and look at the people in your friends list. Delete them if necessary. This way your friends list doesn't get too crowded again.

For easy use of your friends list, aim to have one page of friends, maybe one and a half if you just can't delete a few.

Who knows? Maybe when you were doing all this, you stumbled across an old friend you had completely forgotten about? I did when I was doing mine!

This seems like a lot of hard work, and it is, but trust me, it's so worth it, and if you're bored, why not?


scribonia326 said...

I think that is a good idea, but I love being able to message a TON of different people. It makes it easier to stay in contact. I also like to make closer friends by chatting with people I haven't chatted with before.

-scribonia326: check out my suite!

rosie333. said...

Great tips! They really help!

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