Sunday, August 24, 2008


Im hosting a party since we are getting 10000 HITS! So short away :) The party will only last one hour since i havent got much time. :(

When: Tomorrow(August 25th), 8-9 pm GMT ( find right time)
Where: My guestbook :) (Arna-rut)
Theme: Celebration.(Hollywood like :D) That means gowns,Tiaras the WHOLE package :)
Hosts: Me(arna-rut) and Nika(vnvi)

Hope to see you all there :D


The Stardoll Juice said...

I'll be there!
Can people that don't write for the blog be a host? Cause I'd love to!

`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

Yay arna :)
I`m gonna try to be there :]

scribonia326 said...

i can't come because of school work and stuff sorry.

Catlover103 said...

Can you tell me what time it would be in New york time?

arna-rut said...

Thanks Ellie hun ;)

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