Monday, August 25, 2008

Guestbook Party: Best dressed

The best dressed from the 10000 Hits Party. :)

Daceeyy: Lovely outfits. So nice how she puts it together. Must say BRILLIANT
-Cooldude: Only guy, So he kinda had to be featured :P Btw HE STOLE MY COOKIE
...Singstar...: Shes got so nice fashion style its not normal. I mean look how she puts that together. ITS AMAZING :D
Bethbeth15: Very good style, Verysimple and i love that :)
Salmanegm07: Love how she puts that together. Its just amazing, MUST-SEE
LaFee_1002: Very like my outfit, But still love how she puts it there :D

Hollistcrombie: One word, SIMPLE. Thats something i do enjoy seeing once in a while :)
Fionamcgonigle: Love how she puts her outfit together. Made me See that shes a true FASHION GOD
Xmissy.dX: was her original clothing, But since she showed up. I just must say i love the dress

Hope you all enjoyd the Party x


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for putting me in xx ...singstar...

Anonymous said...

OMG Why do you always have to go for the same people. Like CoolDude-, ..SIngStar... and Fionamcgonigle?
You always go for them with their stupid fashion. Like Fionamcgonigle with her stupid "Layering". HOnestly it looks like she dressed in the dark but actually she thinks this is the height of fashion. Their were loads more better dressed people there. Pick them for a change!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 1st person 2 comment
&& u guys r so retarted!
fashion god?
Ur such a kiss ass
Only pick elites
Fuc u!!

Anonymous said...

hey i am having a gb party tomorow a huge one so inviet people and tell them to come(best dressed will be on my presentation)the party will be at 3.45 usa time=)


Anonymous said...

Hey owners of the site !I would like to tell You That I have saw strange thing in Stardoll but I don't know how to send u an image . Could You answer me in Stardoll ? My nickname is didi_ps . You can put my new in Your Blog if You like it ,but first message me to tell it :)

-Cooldude said...

Thats a little..mean?

Anonymous said...

er.. like mabey ur jelous because ur fashion sence cud never bat ours.. well not u neway

love ...singstar...

`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

Sean!! how dare you steal Arna's cookie? XD
Lol :)

I liked some of these outfits :)

Sad I wasn't there :(

arna-rut said...

LOL I chose them 3 cause they were one of few nice dressed people ;/

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting me in!your so kind

it's me bethbeth15xoxo
i luv ur mag!

Anonymous said...

ok..i admit i like sean a little bit....................

Anonymous said...

arna,is that your real picture for your blogspot cuz,u look weird

Anonymous said...

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