Monday, August 18, 2008

You are Invited!

Because Gossip-Stardoll has been doing so well, I (Star_Designs) have decided that we need to have a little celebration!

When: Saturday August 23rd at 8:00 pm (New York Time).
Where: Star_Designs Guestbook
Why: To celebrate how amazing this gossip blog has been!
Be Prepared: Be Prepared to ask us (the writers of Gossip-Stardoll) any questions or comments on what to write! The party will be for as long as you would like!
What to wear: Please Dress very formal! Long Dresses would be prefored! Be creative with your look, because Fashion Police's own Star_Designs will be picking a winner who will be featured in Gossip-Stardoll.

Please RSVP by requesting Star_Designs or Please RSVP by leaving a comment to this article ASAP!

Hope to see you at the biggest online guestbook party ever! (Getting there an hour early is a smart idea. this party will be broadcast by my close friends cause my superstar membership is ending soon :( but leaving a comment in my Guestbook may be hard because many people will be here!)

Hope to see you there!

The Writers for Gossip-Stardoll.


ktcarr said...

Sooo excited. Am soo there x I've not long found out about this website and i've read all the blogs and have been waiting for the first party!! wooh!

ktcarr said...

Does anyone know what time that someone who lives in Great Britain would have to be there? Coz i have no clue x thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Catlover103, I will be there!

scribonia326 said...

hey it is scribonia326. i am coming, at lease i will try to! i am not a superstar so it will be harder for me to dress fancy, but i'll do my best.


Anonymous said...

totally there - wouldnt miss it for the world!!!
can you please tell me what the time is in great britian though please??


Anonymous said...

i am sooo there!!! can not wait wouldnt miss it !!!
please can you let me know what the time would be in english though?


Mis.c said...

Sorry, I can't come! I'll be in bed by then! For me the party starts at 2am! :s

Anyways.. have fun! :D


perfectdiamond said...

im in the UK, what time is it for me?
i want to be there :)

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